UFC Rumors: McGregor-Diaz rematch called off? Dana White frustrated with negotiations with Nate Diaz

UFC Rumors: McGregor-Diaz rematch called off? Dana White frustrated with negotiations with Nate Diaz

UFC president Dana White explained his frustrations at Nate Diaz, who would not accept to their terms to finally book the rematch between him and Conor McGregor and rumors are swelling that the much-anticipated rematch may be called off.

White stated that there was no re-negotiation that took place and explained the contract that both fighters agreed upon for UFC 200 were the same contract that was in place for the supposed talk for the rematch. However, Diaz wants a renegotiation and from the looks of things he is asking for a bigger chunk of the profit that they will get for the fight, which is causing the delay for the talks to happen.

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“So that was a big myth that he was doing that. Nate, we signed a new deal going into that fight, then he signed the contract for UFC 200. So then Conor doesn’t show up for UFC 200, and now Nate is trying to blow up the deal. It’s just frustrating. But listen, that’s the business we’re in. This is what we do. Everybody is not going to be happy all the time. It’s part of the deal, so now our job is, Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I have to sit down and try to figure out how to make this deal work.”

Diaz wants to call the shots for the rematch as he thinks he has the upper hand since he was the one who defeated McGregor at UFC 196 after submitting the feisty Irish sensation with a second-round rear naked choke. Diaz was a last minute replacement after Rafael dos Anjos injured himself in training with less than two week’s notice.

Diaz and McGregor were supposed to meet for a rematch at UFC 200, however, plans changed when McGregor refused to fly out to Las Vegas to participate in the promotion and has the UFC subsequently pulling off the July 9 match. White and Fertitta tried to meet with both fighters in the hope of re-booking the fight and with the developments White is stating that there is a possibility that it will never happen anytime soon.

“What you try to do a deal like this is you try to be as fair as you can be, and obviously the problem is that we have a deal. We already have a deal. [Diaz] has a contract. Conor has a deal. It’s not like we went in and renegotiated. This was a big myth coming out of that fight. Conor McGregor has never, ever — not only does he step up and take big fights last minute, moved up however many pounds to fight Nate and was willing to fight anybody; that’s why people love Conor, because Conor will fight anybody, anywhere, anytime — he has never come back and tried to renegotiate a contract, ever. Ever,” White explained.

In an interview with The MMA Hour, Diaz asked that he be fully compensated fairly and wanted to “maximize” his earnings from what he will get from the rematch. In other words, Diaz is asking for a higher paycheck and stressed that he will turn down any deal which he feels is not to his best interest.

“They’re like, ‘this is free TV.’ I’m like, wait, wait, wait, let’s not get it twisted. Free for motherf***ers at home who aren’t paying for pay-per-view. But you guys are getting paid. That’s how it works. So I understood what was going on. They wanted to be like, that’s why you’re not on pay-per-view (because you’re not a needle mover). I already knew what was up. This isn’t newly developed information for me. I was up on the game. Because I cussed a little and told people to f**k off, this guy is stupid and we don’t want to hear that? Like I’m some educated motherf***er talking about numbers, what do I know?” Diaz said.

With all of this White stressed that if they could not get Diaz to agree on their terms, the fight will definitely be shelved as they will try to book a unification match for McGregor with the winner of the Jose Aldo-Frankie Edgar fight for the interim featherweight title. Though, White revealed that McGregor is so “obsessed” with the rematch thing with Diaz and with the way things are playing up White is telling McGregor to pick another opponent.

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    So Dana cancels the UFC 200 fight by pulling Conor off the card, but expects to hold Nate to that contract deal? Where the hell did DW get hiis contract law knowledge? Kindergarten? Fight called off by UFC, so new fight = new coontract negotiations PERIOD. Hold your ground and make them pay you Nate! UFC owes you sh*tloads to begin with…