UFC Rumors: Michael Bisping to grant Chris Weidman title shot if he beats Luke Rockhold?

UFC Rumors: Michael Bisping to grant Chris Weidman title shot if he beats Luke Rockhold?

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is looking for his first title defense and rumors are swirling that he will only grant former champion Chris Weidman a title shot if he gets past Luke Rockhold, whom he beat at UFC 199.

It would be remembered that Weidman was supposed to take on Rockhold for a rematch at UFC 199, but due to an injury, he had to back out of the fight and was replaced by Bisping with 17 days leading to the fight. Bisping eventually won the title via first round knockout.

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Weidman’s injury is an injury that occurs in the neck that if not treated could affect the back of the skull, the neck, shoulder girdle, scapula, arm, and hand. After surgery, Weidman has called out Bisping for a title shot and sent his word through Instagram and then their word war continued on Twitter.

“Hey @mikebisping was it a lil easier saying my name before the opportunity of fighting me came? I don’t hear you now. I’m sorted out, bum. Let’s see you try to shut me up Nov 12th on the biggest stage in the world. The fairytale is over soon, believe you me. #alltalk #scared #destiny #ufc205 #MSG,” Weidman stated on his Instagram account.

Weidman was suggesting that they meet at UFC 205 which will be staged at the Madison Square Garden in New York. But Bisping replied that since he is the champion, he will dictate how Weidman will get his title shot and that is to fight the man who beat him back at UFC 194, Luke Rockhold.

Rockhold beat Weidman via TKO in the fourth round of their match, which was Weidman’s first career defeat. Bisping added that if Weidman beats Rockhold then they will sit down and talk about his title shot.

In a report by MMAJunkie, Bisping stated that he has always wanted to face Weidman before but was not given the chance and now he is the champion, he will get his way for the fight to happen but everything will be done his way.

“Mark Munoz came back after a long layoff and had a terrible performance. He beat Munoz. Then Chris laid out for two years or something like that, injured, then came back and got a title shot. Anderson Silva acted like an idiot, and he beat him for the title. Then Anderson broke his leg (in the rematch). Then (Lyoto) Machida came back, and I didn’t think that fight was very good. (Luke) Rockhold showed that Machida isn’t necessarily maybe what everybody thought he was. And then Vitor Belfort, (Weidman) gets to fight Vitor off the juice,” Bisping explained how Weidman got his way around the UFC.

Bisping added that he will make sure that the fight between them will happen and he will make sure that Weidman will lose big time and will not call him a “bum” ever again.

“Circumstances have allowed Chris to look like Superman,” Bisping said. “I want to prove that I can be his kryptonite.”

And Bisping is standing by his word that Weidman will only get the title shot if and only if he beats Rockhold.

Photo Courtesy: Peter Gordon/Flickr