UFC Rumors: Michael Bisping says he was not even offered to fight Georges St-Pierre?

UFC Rumors: Michael Bisping says he was not even offered to fight Georges St-Pierre?

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping laughs off at the remarks by noted boxing trainer Freddie Roach of him turning down a fight with Georges St-Pierre, Bisping stressed that to begin with the fight was never offered to him the first place.

Bisping troop to social media and aired his sentiments about the issue. The 37-year old British fighter noted that Roach might have been fed with wrong information. He also stated that Roach is not the typical kind of person who would spread lies and rumors.

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“I like Freddie Roach,” Bisping wrote. “He must be misinformed. He’s not the type to spread lies. I wasn’t even offered the fight.”

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It would be remembered that Bisping called out St-Pierre when he heard the news that the Canadian fighter is doing a test training camp in preparation for his comeback inside the Octagon. Roach is one who is tasked to build up St-Pierre into a better striker. It would be remembered that Roach stated that Bisping turned down a possible fight with St-Pierre.

“Yeah, I do like that fight, but Bisping said no. I know that that fight’s not going to happen. He’s negotiating with the — well, he was negotiating with the Fertitta brothers. But I heard a rumor the company just got sold and bought by Ari Emanuel or someone. Maybe more than one person is involved is what I heard, but I don’t know exactly who owns UFC right now. He’ll negotiate with somebody, I’m sure,” Roach said.

Bisping responded to the statement with a huge laugh followed by a post that read Hahaha funniest bulls**t I’ve ever heard.”

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Bisping is set to face Dan Henderson in a rematch that is set sometime in October and will be held in Manchester, England. Bisping is out to avenge his UFC 100 loss to Henderson wherein the veteran fighter scored a striking knockout. Bisping stated that he wanted to give Henderson the fight as it is his wished before he retires from the sport.

“Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold, Jacare — they’re going nowhere,” Bisping said. “Dan Henderson is on the verge of retiring.

“He said one more fight so Dan Henderson put your big-boy pants on, fly over to Manchester and I’ll see you in the Octagon, my friend.”

Bisping noted that after Henderson, he will take on St-Pierre, Chris Weidman, and Luke Rockhold if they would still care to wait.