UFC Rumors: Nate Diaz tells Dana White for huge pay check for rematch with Conor McGregor?

UFC Rumors: Nate Diaz tells Dana White for huge pay check for rematch with Conor McGregor?

Nate Diaz is telling the UFC that he should be taken seriously and with the pending rematch with Conor McGregor, Diaz wants to dictate the negotiations. Rumors are swelling that Diaz has asked for a higher paycheck for the rematch to happen, which has left UFC president Dana White with some problems, but hopes to make things work.

White is doing everything in his powers to have the fight scheduled, as soon as possible, as insiders are saying that the UFC top honcho is being threatened by the supposed crossover match between McGregor against Floyd Mayweather. White met with Diaz Friday in the attempt to iron things out for the rematch with McGregor however, TMZ reported that things did not go very well.

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According to the report, White flew to Stockton, CA to seal the deal for a rematch between McGregor and Diaz, but for whatever reasons the meeting turned sour as White was seen storming out of the venue and would not discuss what transpired in the meeting. Insiders are stating that it looks like money is the main issue that had White very disappointed with Diaz. They are stating that Diaz is asking for a higher paycheck than that of McGregor.

“Obviously, I’m not going to disclose details of the deal, but let’s just say my trip to Stockton didn’t go well,” White said.

Who could blame Diaz? He was the one who halted McGregor at UFC 196 wherein he pulled a rare naked choke on the Irishman that silenced and stunned everyone as he scored the huge upset. With that in mind, Diaz wants to dictate the tempo of the talks for the rematch. The two were supposed to get it on at UFC 200 but UFC officials pulled McGregor off after refusing to promote the fight in Las Vegas.

With the much-anticipated rematch hanging in the balance, Floyd Mayweather is making a lot of noise as he is calling out McGregor for a boxing match and offered the feisty Irishman with $50 million prize money. But White is sure to disagree with the crossover match since McGregor is more of a star than Mayweather.

Rumors have it that the Mayweather camp is trying to get hold of White to discuss the “super fight” which would be staged on New Year’s Eve at the T-Mobile Arena at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. However, White is said to turn down the offer for McGregor to fight Mayweather as he is planning for the rematch with Diaz.

Most likely White will have to renegotiate with Diaz and hopes that this time Diaz would reconsider things for the supposed rematch to take place before McGregor changes his mind and goes into the ring with Mayweather instead.

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  • Bonnita Khaliq

    Mcgregor lost his superstar billing when Nate mounted him and fucked him in public.
    Nate is the BOSS so why should HE take less.
    Where did you go to school DANA , the WINNER does not get a worse deal than the GUY he beat. Next DANA you will be telling me 2+ 2 =5

  • Ashley Andrade

    The spelling and grammar mistakes make this article hard to take seriously

    • 9racebannon9

      Atrocious what is considered journalism.

  • Bjorn Ahlblad

    Dana has openly disliked the Diaz brothers for a long time. If they become uncooperative, and he has little leverage Dana will be grumpy; but they will have to work it out.

  • k s

    Its the Diaz who has been making money before MCChicken came. After Mayweather fight he’ll be gone forever. We are Diaz fans and watch Mcgregor only because of them.

  • k s

    McG made his own huge check and now don’t want to wait for Nate. Looser is making more money than the winner.

  • k s

    Nate and Nick Diaz should go to Bellatore, I like their fights more.