UFC Rumors: Robbie Lawler offers Conor McGregor a champion vs. Champion fight?

UFC Rumors: Robbie Lawler offers Conor McGregor a champion vs. Champion fight?

UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler gives out a stern warning for featherweight champion Conor McGregor and that is for the feisty Irishman not to wish that they would meet inside the Octagon after rumors of a possible champion vs. champion fight could be set up either this year of early next year.

Lawler, who is scheduled to fight Tyron Woodley at UFC 201, told Zach Klein of WSB-TV that Nate Diaz was just too kind with McGregor during their UFC 196 fight wherein McGregor loss after Diaz got him with a rare naked choke in the second round. Lawler added that if he would have his way he would not have aimed for McGregor’s neck, but for his soul.

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“’Because if I hurt him, I wasn’t taking his neck,” Lawler said. “What were you going to take?” Klein asked. “His soul,” Lawler said. “I’m a lot different than most people. He found a way out and (Nate) Diaz took his neck and was nice to him.”

The 34-year old Florida native, who is also known as “Ruthless,” went on to say McGregor should not wish to fight and aim for his belt as it will not end very nice for McGregor. He added that when the rumors popped out about the possible fight, he was not worried and stressed it would only be good for promotion and ticket sales but it will not be for the featherweight champ.

“I wasn’t too worried about it. Obviously, that was a big fight. He’s a big draw, but it wouldn’t have been good for him. We’re both professional. We’ve been doing this a long time. It’s part of the business, promoting fights. When the octagon door closes, a different business is gonna start. As soon as they say, ‘let’s get it on!’ I’m ready to fight. I don’t need to waste any energy. I’m just always ready to go so when they unleash me, it’s time,” Lawler explained.

UFC 201: Lawler vs. Woodley is scheduled for July 30, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia while McGregor will get his wish for a rematch with Diaz at UFC 202 in Las Vegas. After their fights, UFC president Dana White could possible work on the champion vs. champion fight card that would see Lawler against McGregor and that will be one Hell of a fight card.

Photo Courtesy: UFC.com/Robbie Lawler

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    Robbie lawler, why don’t you pick your own size, which is Nick Diaz. Bluff master.