UFC: Valentina Shevchenko still pumped up to take on Holly Holm after near death experience in a shootout, Dana White called it ‘madness’

UFC: Valentina Shevchenko still pumped up to take on Holly Holm after near death experience in a shootout, Dana White called it ‘madness’

Valentina Shevchenko is still pumped up to take on former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm despite the trauma she suffered in a shootout inside a restaurant in Peru wherein her trainer Pavel Fedotov engaged robbers and got himself shot in the process. UFC president Dana White described the whole ordeal as total “madness” and hopes that Shevchenko is both mentally and psychically prepared for her match.

Shevchenko will face Holm as the main event of UFC On FOX 20 on July 23 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. She adds that she will dedicate her fight for Fedotov, whom she called as her hero who defended her life and the lives of the people inside the restaurant where the shooting incident took place.

“I was at the back of the restaurant, and I’ve seen how the thieves went from table to table hitting the diners and snatching their belongings without anyone being able to help them. When they were getting closer towards our table, Pavel acted very determined and bravely. If criminals would have found the gun he was carrying they would have thought that he was a cop, and very likely that they would have killed him with his own gun. The Act of Pavel was not only in self-defense but also the defense of my life and also of the people who were by my side!” Shevchenko narrated.

Shevchenko added that they were in the restaurant and were having dinner, Sunday, when the whole thing went down and Fedotov risked his life to defend Shevchenko and the people they were with.

“Thank you so much, dear friends, for all the moral support in this very hard time that I and my family are going through!” Shevchenko said.

TMZ reported that Shevchenko is doing well while her trainer is recovering from the incident and that she will continue her preparations for the fight against Holm

“I am feeling good. No injuries. Just a few days was a very big stress to me. I’m just starting to feel better now,” Shevchenko added.

UFC president Dana White said Wednesday that he would understand if Shevchenko would back out of the fight against Holm with the whole ordeal still fresh. But added that he is hoping that everything will go as scheduled for the fight which will also have Anthony Johnson against Glover Teixeria in the light heavyweight; Edson Barboza vs. Gilbert Melendez in the lightweight class; and welterweights Alex Oliveira taking on James Moontasri, George Sullivan vs. Héctor Urbina, and Ryan LaFlare vs. Alexander Yakovlev.

Photo Courtesy: Valentina Shevchenko/Facebook.com