UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate too sexy with Reebok post

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate too sexy with Reebok post

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is dead serious with her preparations for her first title defense against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 and with her recent post on social media Tate took it to the next level with her sexy pose wearing the UFC’s official outfitter Reebok.

Tate posted her photo on Instagram and she just made Reebok looked so nice with a caption “Dreams don’t work unless you do! I am working hard day in and day out and my body is leaning out once again preparing for battle! I am ahead of schedule and fully prepared to make my first title defense.”

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Aside from getting fit and posing her sexy picture, Tate is also deadly serious in her upcoming fight and will give her best to keep the title as well as she once again steps inside the Octagon after winning the title beating Holly Holm via technical submission last March 5. Tate was supposed to fight Ronda Rousey but due to Rousey’s film commitment and injuries the fight was shelved for a while and if she is successful in her title defense, it could revive again.

On the other hand, Amanda Nunes is as focused as Tate in their fight which will also be one of the main events that will also feature Jon Jones against Daniel Cormier and the much talked about the return of Brock Lesnar, who will face Mark Hunt in the heavyweight division.

Nunes, who has a problem with her stamina in her previous fights, has stated that she has found the answer to her problem as she is doing yoga. According to her, it helps her calm down and energizes her body during her training for the biggest fight of her career.

“Now I take care of my breathing. I think I had a little problem with how I focused on breathing in my fights. Now I’m trying to fix that. I go to yoga and do a lot of concentration to work on my breathing now. It’s the biggest thing, and I have to fix it. I’m getting better, though. The last fight I did it well, and my next fight I’m going to be 100 percent,” Nunes said.

She added that she is OK fighting Tate and promise to take home the belt after the fight and be the new champion. She also has no worries if she would take on Ronda Rousey as her next opponent.

“I’m OK with (UFC 200). I’m OK being on that card. I think it’s going to be one of the best shows. I’m going to be ready to take the belt. I’m going to be the new champion that day, and it’s the only thing I’m thinking of right now,” Nunes added.

Nunes stated that Rousey is not an issue and would gladly fight her and give her another upsetting loss that might cause another emotional breakdown for the former champion. But Nunes wants to focus first on beating Tate, whom she said has not fought someone like her.

Miesha is a great athlete, really tough. I know that. I know it’s going to be a war. She’s the champion and we expect a war. I will be prepared. Miesha has holes in her game standing and on the ground. She has never fought a girl who can end the fight at any moment. I can knock her outstanding or submit her on the ground. Any mistake, and I finish her. She hasn’t fought any athlete like this,” Nunes explained.

It will surely be an interesting fight for Tate and Nunes to get it on inside the Octagon but fight fans hope Nunes could also post a sexy snapshot of how her workout and training has helped her maintain a stunning figure just like what Tate did.

Photo Courtesy: UFC.com/Miesha Tate