Valentina Shevchenko wants a rematch against Amanda Nunes after a win over Holly Holm

Valentina Shevchenko wants a rematch against Amanda Nunes after a win over Holly Holm

Valentina Shevchenko is looking to raise the stakes as she calls out reigning women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes to a rematch minutes after beating Holly Holm, Saturday night in UFC at Fox 20 held at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Shevchenko stated that Nunes is scared of a rematch that is why she called her out after her fight against Holm to let the world know that she is serious in challenging the champ. She stated that she has been keeping an eye on things taking place in the women’s bantamweight division. She added that she is ready to fight Nunes through a grilling five rounder and noted that vengeance is what keeps her motivated for the fight.

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“I’m keeping my eyes on the bantamweight championship,” she said. “These are my plans. I hope to get my revenge against Amanda Nunes. I’ll do my best to make sure this happens. I know perfectly well that I need to train hard. This I promise. I will always fight with all my heart in the Octagon.”

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Nunes reacted to Shevchenko call and stated over her Twitter account that she would gladly fight her and beat her once again. Nunes taunted Shevchenko that she needs to improve more for her to contend for her title adding that she is still not impressed with her win over Holm.

Shevchenko stated that she has respect for Nunes as a fighter but wants that rematch since losing to her at UFC 196. She added lessons from the near death experience of her trainer Pavel Fedotov last May made her realize that life is too short and that she would jump at every opportunity when it is available for the taking.

She added that in beating Holm she was determined and focused. Shevchenko stressed that those are the character that she will bring in when she will fight Nunes for the title. Shevchenko added that she hopes the UFC would grant her request to fight Nunes.

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With the win over Holm, Shevchenko has placed herself among the top contenders for the title shot and it will be up for UFC president Dana White if Shevchenko is worth the title shot. The women’s division has taken the interest of fight fans as well since Holm’s awesome victory over crowd-favorite Ronda Rousey back at UFC 193. From there, the golden belt would travel from the hands of Holm to Miesha Tate to Nunes.

For Shevchenko hard work pays off and keeps her motivated to move up into the ranks of being a noted fighter inside the Octagon. She proved it with her win over Holm and wants to prove to the world that she could also be a title contender. Shevchenko does not only seek vengeance over Nunes but a shot in greatness as well.

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