Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets embarrassed in Game 7 vs. Heat, out of the 2016 NBA Playoffs

Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets embarrassed in Game 7 vs. Heat, out of the 2016 NBA Playoffs

Jeremy Lin and the Charlotte Hornets had a chance to close out the Miami Heat in their home floor in Game 6. However, the Heat won that game and returned to their home court for Sunday’s do-or-die game.

Unlike the Hornets, the Heat took full advantage and delivered a one-sided victory in Game 7 and advanced to the next round where they will face the winner of the Indiana Pacers-Toronto Raptors best-of-seven series.

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Jeremy Lin had a better game than his last outing with 9 points on 4 of 8 shooting in Game 7 after shooting a poor 1 of 8 field goals in the previous game. However, majority of the blame should go to star point guard Kemba Walker, who missed 13 of 16 shots for just 9 points in 36 minutes.

As a team, the Hornets shot 32.1 % from the floor or just 27 of 84 fied goals. The Heat also outrebounded the Hornets, 58-36 and was clearly motivated by their home crowd. Miami led 29-18 after the first quarter and 54-42 after the first half.

Charlotte needed something to work after the halftime break but it was still the Heat who played with more fire and energy, outscoring the Hornets, 29-11 in the third quarter.

The blowout was on in the fourth and final quarter with Goran Dragic (25 points on 11 of 17 shooting) and Luol Deng (15 points and 8 rebounds).

This was a disappointing end to the season for Jeremy Lin, Kemba Walker and the Hornets who had a great second half in the regular season and had a 3-2 series lead in this first round series.

  • plansmaker

    Kemba Walker plays isolation like James Harden. But Harden makes them and Walker can’t buy a basket when biggest game of 2016 is on the line.

    • Ramon

      What do you expect from Jeremy Lin if Clifford allows him to play only 19 minutes. 11 minutes were in garbage time. Lin has to go to another team where the coach respects him.
      Clifford doesn’t redpect Lin.

  • Ruoyu Li

    3/16 plus being tired = L

  • Victor Liang

    The title of this article is strange. “Jeremy Lin, Hornets embarassed…”? How is it that it’s Lin that gets “highlighted” when the team loses, and someone else gets the credit when the teams wins? Lin shot 50%, 9 pts, with a +/- of -9(one of the best of the team), while only getting 19 minutes playing time. My question is with these numbers, why did he only play 19 min? Clifford let Kemba play 36 minutes on 3/16 shooting, using almost twice the time to score the same 9 pts?

    The article says Jeremy had a better game than in game 6 so the majority of the blame goes to Walker, implying that Jeremy was to blame for this game also. He scored 9 pts on 50% shooting and was a much better matchup against Drajic than Kemba; yet he only got 19 minutes. What else could he have done?

    For people who just read the title, they’d be misled to thinking Hornets loss game 7 because of Jeremy, when in reality he played well but did not even get much of a chance to play. I guess another way of looking at it is that the author is implying the Hornets’ leader is Lin, not Walker?

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