Jeremy Lin getting favorable calls in the NBA Playoffs after viral video?

Jeremy Lin getting favorable calls in the NBA Playoffs after viral video?

Some games before the start of the 2016 NBA Playoffs, Jeremy Lin fans were up in arms about the lack of calls on their favorite player with a fan even making a video of a collection of hard fouls on the Asian-American guard that are called as regular fouls and not flagrant fouls.

The NBA heard the fans and responded saying that they saw no bias against Lin and the calls or non-calls made by the referees were just normal. For his part, Jeremy Lin said he wasn’t focus on the officials or the calls and that he just wanted to focus on his game and his team.

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About two weeks into the playoffs, it appears the call for officials to take a closer look at fouls on Lin is paying off as Jeremy Lin is one of the top players in this postseason that has drawn the most fouls.

Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald Sports mentioned that detail on Twitter:

As Navarro is the beat writer for the Heat team that is battling Lin’s Charlotte Hornets, it appears the writer is also pushing for his own agenda and calling out the observers who thought that Lin was never getting the calls he deserves this season.

“Not sure where this Jeremy Lin doesn’t get any calls story came from. Lin drew 311 fouls (25th most in league — right behind [Kevin Durant] and [Carmelo Anthony],” Navarro tweeted.

“[The] Heat has been whistled for 24 fouls or more in 3 of the 4 games in series. That happened 7 times in regular season including 2 OT games.”

It appears Navarro is even saying that the Hornets are getting all the calls in the Heat-Hornets first round best-of-seven series, which is tied at 2-all going into Game 5 scheduled Wednesday.

Watch Jeremy Lin as he helped the Hornets tie the series in Game 4:

Video courtesy: YouTube/FreeDawkins

Re-watch the viral video that started the Jeremy Lin talk of racial bias from the refs, with the video now having over 1.8 million views.

Video courtesy: YouTube/JAD 7534

Did the fan’s viral video work and Jeremy Lin is being watched closely by NBA referees now? Will Jeremy Lin continue to get the calls this season?

  • Fonda Wang

    Shame on Manny who claims to be a sports writer. He admitted that he didn’t even watch the “Too Flagrant Not To Call ” video made by Lin’s fans. All he could say was: I heard somebody said this and that… It’s all about “Flagrant ! Flagrant ! Flagrant !” Thank you Justin for putting on the video again so maybe Manny can understand the issue.

  • FakeGuest


    -Heat Fans

  • waza8i

    The fan video was not about the lack of fouls. Instead it was about fouls that should of been flagrant. There is a clear difference. Someone here is clearly butt hurt!

  • batangpasIit

    Obviously yes. See how many calls called on players guarding Lin and how Lin is more aggressive in penetrating the lane with less fear of being hit? Lin is taking advantage of this sudden attention by referees. it benefits Lin and the team. Now, let’s hear from NBA. Do all these changes favoring Lin proof of what the videos presented which you NBA denied?

  • Victor Tan

    Try to compile a analysis video before you throw out such blatant accusations. If not your talk is nothing but your personal feelings. So unprofessional as a journalist.