NBA Postseason is nearing, who’s going to win the Championship?

The NBA postseason is nearing, and there are a couple teams who seem to be above all the rest.  The Chicago Bulls, with a 40-11 record, are the first team to clinch a playoff birth, despite not having Derek Rose in the lineup for a big chunk of the season.  The Bulls are certainly the frontrunner to win the title.  The Oklahoma City Thunder are right behind them at 38-12.  These two teams don’t only know how to win ball games, but the way in which they win is dominant and without mercy.

Granted, these two teams have spontaneously shown a lack of focus and energy at certain points in the season, as proven in the Bulls’ previous home loss to the Denver Nuggets, but as many teams can attest to, the declining concentration and increased fatigue is due to the rigorous schedule that is a result of the shortened season.  Come the playoffs, every team will undoubtedly put the season behind them and do anything/everything in their power to win a championship.

Now that I have declared the front runners to win this year’s NBA championship, it is necessary to note the other teams who have a chance at taming these beasts.  When talking about teams who have the talent and drive to win a championship, it would be ill-advised to fail to mention the Miami Heat.  Although Lebron James has been the victim of much scrutiny throughout much of his career, it should be observed that the Heat are only 3.5 games behind the Bulls in the Eastern Conference standings, and that Lebron James is having one of his most productive seasons in his career.  While the Heat have the best combined talent and size to beat the Heat and Thunder, sleeper teams like the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, and the Philadelphi 76ers have legitimate chances as well.  Looking to the West, there are a few teams who can make a serious run.  We start with the Los Angeles Lakers, simply because they can beat any team with the combined talent of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum.  Not to mention the newly-acquired talent in Ramon Sessions has proven to improve the team greatly.  The size of the L.A. Clippers, the mentality and experience of the defending champs in Dallas, and the impressive record of the San Antonio Spurs also give these teams legitimate chances at winning a title.  Unfortunately, in order to win, these teams will somehow have to slay the dominant, fire-breathing dragons in the Bulls and Thunder.  It is possible, but clutch and consistent production will be necessary in order to do so.

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