NBA Recap: Thursday, March 29

Despite there being only eight teams active last night, the NBA had some quality match-ups. The Mavericks and Heat (rematch of the 2011 finals) concluded their last game of the season series and the Lakers and Thunder contended for a top spot in the Western Conference. Here’s a look at the games from a down, yet exciting, night in the NBA.

Even though the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat in last year’s NBA championship, the Heat completed a series sweep against Dallas this season. Last night’s game marked the final game between the Mavs and Heat this season. The Heat finished in style. Nowitzki had a game-high 25 points, however the Mavericks were held to only 85 points. Miami played both great defense and offense in this contest. LeBron James and Chris Bosh each finished with 19 points and 9 rebounds leading the Miami Heat. Tonight’s game marked great team play from the Heat as 6 players scored in double digits.

MIA — 106-85

The Pacers rebound from last night’s lost against New Jersey with a win over the Washington Wizards. Danny Granger was playing well tonight; he finished with 25 points and 7 rebounds. Granger is arguably Indiana’s best talent, and when he plays well, they’re at the top of their game. Nene had a solid 16 points, 13 rebound double-double, but ultimately Washington couldn’t prevail.

IND — 93-89

The steadily sinking Trailblazers took on the Hornets in Portland last night. Marco Belinelli scored a game-high 27 points, while Carl Landry chipped in 24 points and 7 rebounds. However, it was LaMarcus Aldridge and the Trailblazers who prevailed late in the game. Aldridge finished with 25 points and 12 rebounds, as Raymond Felton dished out 10 assists.

POR — 99-93

The Lakers lost to the Thunder for the second time this season, as OKC maintained the best record in the Western Conference. One might guess Kevin Durant was the stand out performer in a game this caliber. However, it was Russell Westbrook who dominated tonight’s game. He finished with 36 points and 6 assists, while Durant recorded 21 points and grabbed 11 rebounds.  Andrew Bynum was the leading man for the losing Lakers with a team-high 25 points and 13 rebounds; Kobe finished with 23 points making a mere 7 of 25 shoots. This is Oklahoma City’s fifth win in a row. Meanwhile, Los Angeles has lost 2 of the last 3 games.

OKC — 102-93

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