DeMarcus Cousins News: George Karl attempted to trade Boogie last season?

DeMarcus Cousins News: George Karl attempted to trade Boogie last season?

It seems that trade rumors about DeMarcus Cousins are not a new thing as his earlier coach, George Karl, reportedly attempted to trade him last season.

Sacramento Kings owner and chairman Vivek Ranadive told USA Today that Karl and Cousins did not seem to have a “loving relationship.” Ranadive added that back in 2015, due to the tension between the two, Karl has tried to trade Cousins all summer long but could not find a suitable team.

“You know, look, George had tried to trade Cousins that whole summer, and there was not a lot of love between those two, and so there was tension there. So that was not a new thing,” Ranadive said.

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Ranadive added that he knew about the growing tension inside the Kings’ locker room. He trusted general manager Vlade Divac would take care of the situation. Good thing for Cousins, the Kings fired Karl by the end of the season and signed Dave Joerger as his replacement.

A cousin, however, signed to a contract extension until the 2017-2018 season and will lead the team in the coming season. Ranadive wants changes this coming season and hope Cousins would be able to play under Joerger, who is his sixth coach. Though many see that the Kings will fail this season again, Ranadive see trading Cousins as the solution to it.

Aside from Cousins, Rudy Gay will be under Ranadive’s radar. Ranadive reiterated that he wants significant changes to happen with the team and if nothing will achieve this season, an overhaul is forthcoming.

“Well again, I leave it up to Vlade. What I see is a young guy who wants to win, and has actually matured. He wants to see hugs, and he wants to see growth as a teammate. I know that Vlade and coach Dave Joerger will make the right decisions. Right now what I see is I’m excited for what we have,” Ranadive added.

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It will be a tall order for Kings as they have to overachieve themselves in the coming season. Failure is not an option for them as being not able to deliver this season will see heads rolling out of the front office.

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