76ers Update: Jahlil Okafor says no to trade, added he is staying in Philadelphia

76ers Update: Jahlil Okafor says no to trade, added he is staying in Philadelphia

Philadelphia 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor has turned his ire on the reports on him being traded as he troops to social media to express his disgust over the rumors. He pointed out that he is not taking any trade offers and he is staying where he is.

Okafor posted on Twitter his frustration to reports that have been swirling that he would be traded by the 76ers to potential takers. Okafor stated that news reports have been inconsistent with reports of him being shipped to other teams. He added that there is no basis to reports that he has upset his team and that writers should reveal their sources to which the reports have been based upon.

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“One second I’m reportedly upset to be in Philly, then the next I’m upset about trade rumors and having to leave Philly. Which one is it? Source please confirm. Seems like writers are getting lazy, dropping a fraudulent story and try to make it credible by using that magic word…. Sources! Lol, stop it. With all that being said. I love where I am, and I am excited about this upcoming season. Big season for us! #Philly,” Okafor said in his posts.

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It was reported that the Boston Celtics are in talks with the Chicago Bulls and the 76ers in the hopes of doing a trade that involves Okafor and Jimmy Butler. The Boston Herald noted that the Celtics still not finish in picking up pieces that will revolve around Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas. Taking Okafor in the mix of things would give Horford more movement in the power forward position with Butler taking care of the outside making it hard for the defense to stay versatile.

Okafor added that when the 76ers tried to trade him during the draft night that includes the no. 3 pick. The trade did not progress, but Okafor stressed that he was upset about the idea that led him to air out his sentiments.

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Players like Okafor are free to express their feelings even if their respective teams are doing its best in making a trade that would involve them. Players must remember that it is all about business and teams are doing what would be best not only for their team but for the whole franchise as a whole and it involves trades.

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