Boston Celtics hints trading No. 3 pick, Brad Steven says ‘it would have to be something pretty special’ for it to happen

Boston Celtics hints trading No. 3 pick, Brad Steven says ‘it would have to be something pretty special’ for it to happen

The Boston Celtics are being very aggressive this summer as they armed with the No. 3 pick in the coming NBA Draft this June 23 in Brooklyn. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens hints that they could trade their pick if it would be something worth moving or giving it up for.

CBS local reports that Stevens, who appeared at 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand, stated that Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge would be willing to move with the No. 3 pick as long as they would get a very good player in return who could blend in with the system in place with the Celtics.

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“I think the biggest thing is that person has to ultimately be a very effective player for us. If you keep the pick and draft a younger player, there has to be some patience tied to that and some understanding that guys are going to develop and mature at different rates, as far as their ability to impact the game in a winning way for 82 games and then hopefully the playoffs. If you do end up trading [the pick], it has to be pretty impactful. There are a lot of good players available in the draft, in my opinion. There are some good guys and I’m excited about having the third pick,” Stevens said. “If we were to move it, it would have to be something pretty special to move it for.”

Steven together with Ainge envisions of developing a young core for the Celtics next season and hope that they would reap what they have sowed in the not so distant future. Stevens explains that it is a gamble that they are embarking but it is worth the try. The Celtics are equipped with eight total picks in Brooklyn and one of them could possibly land them a star rated player and rumors are swelling that they are also interested in working out a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers that would involve Jahlil Okafor.

In an interview with 97.3 ESPN, NBA Insider Chad Ford stated that the 76ers could bring either Okafor or Nerlens Noel in the trading table and work their way to get the Celtics on board so as to work with the trade deal. This is if the Celtic would be willing to work with the 76ers deal that would send their No. 3 pick to the City of Brotherly Love.

“If I was Philadelphia, it would be done tomorrow. I don’t know if Boston would do it, but for Philadelphia, 100 percent. That would allow them to actually I think to bring in another guard, an elite guard, whether that’s Kris Dunn or Jamal Murray, and suddenly now you’ve got a very, very bright future. I think that’s an easy call for the Sixers if Boston would do it,” Ford explained.

Ford added that the 76ers are already loaded with big men and with the eventual drafting of Ben Simmons, they might have problems as to playing time that some of their big men will be demanding while the Celtics have a talented cast in the backcourt and are lacking in enforcers inside the paint, thus as trade for both teams would eventually pay off for both of them in the coming season.

If no deals will be made before draft night and the 76ers go on to pick either Simmons or Brandon Ingram, the Celtics will be forced to take in Croatian Dragan Bender to load them with a legitimate big man.

Rumors are swelling that the Celtics might go for a trade with the 76ers if and only if they will include Okafor or Noel in the deal, which is considerably the right thing to do if both teams would agree to the terms and conditions that will be set.

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