Boston Celtics News: Celtics say Bulls asked too much for a Jimmy Butler trade

Celtics say Bulls asked too much for a Jimmy Butler trade

Sources close to the Boston Celtics revealed that the main reason the supposed trade for Jimmy Butler did not prosper is because the Bulls asked too much. Reports stated that the Celtics felt that the price on Butler was too high that they terminated the talks.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls were in talk with the Celtics during draft night and were asking for the no.3 and no. 16 picks. Aside from that the Bull also wanted to get the services of Jae Crowder. Sources noted that the Bulls would have used the no.3 pick to get Kris Dunn, who eventually went to the Timberwolves at no. 5.

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What made the Celtics walked away from the trade talks was aside from the package, the Bulls also asked for a starter-level player. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported that made Danny Ainge and the Boston franchise think twice and said “no” to the Bulls.

“We’re trying to find deals. And sometimes you have to make small deals to have big deals,” Ainge said. “In the meantime, we’re not sitting around and waiting for something like that to happen. We’re trying to make something like that happen, but we’re not just chasing every player out there.”

This means that the Celtics are sticking with their goal of investing in young potential assets who will eventually give them banner 18. Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck noted that their goals are clear and they are making use of what they have for now.

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Grousbeck added that is a mega-trade would come for them, then, it would be a great addition to the team. Otherwise, they would want to capitalize with the max salary cap for next season.

Grousbeck hinted that they would be able to give a player or two with maximum contracts that would entice them to play for their franchise. Now, that is something to look forward to with the Celtics.

The Celtics are taking their time and like the game of chess, Ainge does not want to commit a simple mistake that will haunt him till the end game. They want to assure the Celtics nation that they are truly committed to getting back to contention. It all starts with being patient and waiting for the right timing to make the next move.

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