Eric Bledsoe Contract: Phoenix Suns willing to trade PG for Lakers Nick Young and Brandon Ingram?

Eric Bledsoe Contract: Phoenix Suns willing to trade PG for Lakers Nick Young and Brandon Ingram?

The Phoenix Suns have a talented young roster and still they want to move some pieces to build a solid roster. Rumors suggest that the Suns send Eric Bledsoe for the Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young and Brandon Ingram.

Bledsoe is the highest paid player on the Suns’ roster and moving him would clear some cap space for the team to work with. But in the proposed deal taking in Young and Ingram would certainly cut some slack in their cap. It will also give them assets in the small forward position.

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In the Suns’ roster, they only have T.J. Warren while they still have to test rookies Derrick Jones and Derek Cooke, Jr. and P.J. Tucker. Getting Young and Ingram could fill in that void. In the last season, Young averaged 7.3 points and 1.8 rebounds per game. But getting motivated Young could develop on to a reliable scorer as well.

Ingram showed his versatility during the summer league and could be a potential All-Star asset. But He remains untested and the coming season would answer all those doubts if he is really ready for the professional league.

Meanwhile, shifting to the Lakers Bledsoe would solidify their point guard position along with D’Angelo Russell. Bledsoe will bring experience and spark the Lakers’ second unit which will likely be composed of Jordan Clarkson, Luol Deng, Larry Nance Jr. and Tarik Black.

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Last season saw Bledsoe shows his form as he averaged 20.4 points, 6.1 assists and 4.0 rebounds per game. His numbers might give Russell a run for his position, but working together will make the Lakers overachieve themselves in the earlier seasons.

The trade deal may sound unrealistic, but it’s worth exploring. The Suns still have Brandon Knight to lead them to the point. If both teams would not want to make any roster movement, they might try to test their respective roster and make the move by mid-season.

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