What happened to Stephen Curry in the Warriors’ collapse in Game 7?

What happened to Stephen Curry in the Warriors’ collapse in Game 7?

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors had a historic season which included winning a record 73 games and bagging the first-ever unanimous MVP award. However, the Warriors capped it off with the greatest collapse in NBA Finals history by becoming the first team to lose the series after leading 3-1.

It hurts. It really hurts being a Warriors fan right now. The Warriors lost to the Cavaliers, 93-87. But first, I’m not going to blame the referees or do an “Ayesha Curry” and say that the NBA is rigged. And second, congratulations to the city of Cleveland for finally winning a championship after decades of disappointment.

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There is also no question that LeBron James is still the best player in the world after what he did in the Finals. But I have a couple of questions: What happened, Stephen Curry? What the hell just happened?

Curry’s stat line for the Game 7: 17 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal in 39 minutes. He also had four turnovers while shooting just 6-for-19 from the field. He’s not been the same Stephen Curry that torched the regular season on his way to his second straight MVP Award.

People will wonder if it’s because of the rumored shoulder injury and his knee not being fully healed. Nonetheless, Curry and the Warriors have no excuses for this one. They just played carelessly, especially Steph (foul trouble, fancy passes, turnovers, losing his cool, etc), and it all came back to haunt them.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/NBA Conference

Curry also went cold as he only shot 40.3 percent from the field and 40 percent from threes. He barely attacked the rim, which might be a knee issue. Some credit also goes to the Cleveland defense that made his life difficult. He also got outplayed in the Finals by Kyrie Irving, who hit the game-winning three in the final minute.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/The Mole Bowl

The Warriors lived with the three-point shot ever since the 2014-15 season but they also died because of it. Charles Barkley may be right to a certain degree that jump shooting teams can’t win NBA titles.

Golden State enters the offseason with full of questions. Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and six other players will be free agents. Andrew Bogut’s health issues finally caught up to the team.

However, it’s not the end for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. They will have a new motivation for next season but this loss is going to sting for quite a while. Soak it up Cleveland. Curry and the Warriors will be back.

  • WiseFundManager

    turnovers and missed shots

  • Wayne Turner

    Not enough inside game by the Warriors,and too many 3 point attempts.Also,this is the second straight NBA Finals series that Curry has been below his best.I think it shows the pressure gets to him,and also how truly hard it is to play well all the time,and especially in the NBA Finals.

    Just look at LeBron James – His NBA Finals record is NOW: 3 titles and 4 losses. NOT really a great record,and James was below his best the first few times he went to the Finals.This isn’t to bag LeBron.This is to point out,how hard it is in the NBA Finals,and it took alot of NBA Finals experience for LeBron to be great in the Finals.It took alot of finals series experience,but finally LeBron is great in them.Curry,may or may not get to this level.Some players never even get the opportunity.

    Curry is certainly no LeBron.

    Just as LeBron is no Jordan.

    To show Jordan is still the Greatest Of All Time – He NEVER lost a NBA Finals series,and was great in all he played in.He was a level above everyone else.He didn’t need to get NBA Finals experience to play well in them.He played well in them,the first opportunity he got.

    As a die hard long term Warriors fan.I think the Warriors should go after both Durant and Hartford (Sign Howard if we can’t get Hartford).Warriors to let go/trade the following: Barnes,Festus,Iggy and Bogut.Curry will rightly have to give up being the number 1 scoring option for the Warriors ie: Be more John Stockton and less Allen Iverson.My Warriors starting team for 2017:-

    G: Curry
    C: Hartford (Or Howard)

    Will have to sign on the cheap,a back up small forward,among others.