Heat Update: Dion Waiters signs two-year contract; Chris Bosh eager to play for next season

Heat Update: Dion Waiters signs two-year contract; Chris Bosh eager to play for next season

The Miami Heat are trying to move forward from losing Dwyane Wade via free agency by signing shooting guard Dion Waiters to a two-year deal while they are still contemplating on giving Chris Bosh the clearance to play for next season.

Waiters was waived by the Oklahoma City Thunder in a bid to clear up some cap space to renegotiate with Russell Westbrook. The Thunder are desperate in coming up with ways to have Westbrook avoid jumping into free agency. They waived Waiters to become an unrestricted free agent and the Heat won the contest, offering him $6 million for two years.

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The good thing with the deal is that Waiters gets to exercise a player option for next year. However, Waiters needs to come up with good numbers for the Heat to be able to get a hefty paycheck if he decides to jump into free agency next year or consider another offer from Pat Riley. The 24-year-old averages 9.8 points, 2.0 assists and 2.6 rebounds per game and with the Heat losing Wade, more pressure is given to Waiters.

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Even Tyler Johnson thinks that as a team, they could be able to fill in the void Wade left. He stated that the Heat must stick together for them to win games. Although many would not see them as contenders, Johnson sees a bright future for the Heat.

“I think it’s going to be a collective group of guys who have to kind of pick up the weight he was able to bring to the city,” Johnson said Monday at a Heat community swimming event in Hialeah through the Miami Herald.

Meanwhile, the Heat are still contemplating if they would grant Chris Bosh the clearance that he is asking to play for the team next season. It would be remembered that the Heat did not put Bosh on the active roster because of his blood clot at the All-Star break. Bosh, this time, hopes that his new medication would persuade the team to let him play.

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The Heat management is concerned of the huge risk taken as Bosh continues to use a blood thinner. However, Bosh argues that the new medication would lessen the risk.

The Heat is trying to address all issues that would help them rebuild their franchis. They have taken several steps this summer and signing Waiters is one of them. They are now answering the void that was left when Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls. As for Bosh, it is something that the Heat will need medical opinions to settle to avoid gambling with his life in the end.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr