Jane Doe sues Derrick Rose for $20 million in damages 2-years after alleged gang rape

Jane Doe sues Derrick Rose for $20 million in damages 2-years after alleged gang rape

A certain Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit against New York Knicks superstar Derrick Rose worth over $20 million in damages. Rumors are swirling that she is just asking for a financial settlement against Rose as it took her two years to file a lawsuit and a police report.

TMZ reported that Doe filed a police report with the LAPD that Rose and his friends allegedly drugged and gang-raped her. Doe filed the report after lodging a lawsuit in a civil court in August and her lawyer Brandon Anand explained why the confusion on the part of his client.

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Anand stated that the victim is still in a state of shock and denial on what happened to her. He added that the trauma Doe experienced was unbearable that filing a lawsuit would mean to relive what happened to her.

Anand added that they were running out of time and had to file the lawsuit before they filed the police report. He noted that Doe wanted an outside settlement with Rose but the NBA superstar denied the request, prompting for the filing of the lawsuit.

Doe in her first public appearance told the Associated Press that her family does not know of her relationship with the former Chicago Bulls guard. She added that she did not want to involve her family in the stress of what she is going through. Doe explained that she had to find alternative ways of explaining the hurt and humiliation brought about by the incident.

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Rose has yet to issue an official statement but his lawyers tried to ask the court to dismiss the charges. But the judged denied the motion in July. Rose together with his co-defendants Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton have maintained their innocence of the allegations and are to prove it in the court.

Doe maintains her stand on the incident that on Aug. of 2013 Rose and his friends drugged her, followed and broke into her apartment, and gang raped her. She is not only seeking justice for what happened to her but also for Rose and his friends to realize their crimes.

Photo Courtesy: nikk_la/Flickr