Jeremy Lin has back-to-back great games; Has he earned trust of Coach Clifford already?

Jeremy Lin has back-to-back great games; Has he earned trust of Coach Clifford already?

Jeremy Lin continues his great play, scoring 21 points on Tuesday night in an easy 105-100 win over the lowly Brooklyn Nets. Nicolas Batum, who had 23 points, also played well for the Hornets, which continued their great run for this month.

Jeremy Lin and Nicolas Batum showed the way for the Hornets, who were off to great start outscoring the Nets, 25-14 after the first quarter.

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The Nets made a run after the halftime break and cut the lead down to three points, 67-64 entering the final quarter. However, the Hornets avoided the upset loss as Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky added 14 points each to help Charlotte stop the Nets’ comeback in the fourth.

Charlotte is currently one of the best teams in the NBA for March, going 11-2 so far this month. The Hornets has 41 wins against 30 losses overall and tied for fourth place with the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference standings.

The past two games have been great for Jeremy Lin, who has lost playing time for the Hornets around the NBA All-Star break. The Asian-American guard shot well from the field making 8 of 12 shots against the Nets and added 4 assists in 30 minutes of playing time.

Jeremy Lin led Charlotte to their biggest win of the season scoring 29 points in their previous game in a comeback win over one of the NBA’s best teams, San Antonio Spurs. Lin and the Hornets came back from 23 points down and beat the Spurs on Monday.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

  • thebigb0ss

    Dont count on any nba head coaches to actually use common sense when it comes to jeremy lin. I mean…right after Lin BEAT the cleveland cavs with a 24 point performance/7 assists and over 50% shooting…he was given like 18 minutes the next time.

    Whether its pure ignorance, stupidity, or (what i like to think) racial bias/prejudice (subconsciously)….clifford, mike woodson, mchale, byron scott….all think along the same lines (the average ignorant nba fan would like to use this as their opinion should count over a fan like myself)…but the way i see it, these coaches dont have a clue (thats why mchale and woodson are no longer head coaches….why byron scott should be fired…and maybe clifford still has 15 games to wake da fuq up.

    I mean…this goes back to his college days when he didnt get 1 scholarship offer, or lin being passed up on the NBA draft when nobodies like armon johnson and willie warren (the last 2 PGS to get drafted) were considered over lin…you cant help but think…..its racial bias (not straight up racism or discrimination) but just doubting an asian american PG….because old schoolers cant envision an asian american baller scoring and succeeding over the other ethnicities that dominate the PG position…..

    Compare stats to players like ricky rubio…rajon rondo (current rondo, not the rondo when he was privileged to be surrounded by 3 HOFS), pat beverly, MCW, and so fourth…….its a travesty…..

    I can easily say, lin, if given the opportunity…would be a top 10 CURRENT PG in this league.

    I will back up it up with #s too, not bias or ignorant opinions as 95% lin doubters out there

    • LinFan17

      I agree to you. Unfortunately he is the only one graduated from Harvard with Economic degree and American Asian. He is so unique and he has no relative in NBA.

      • YouDirty Ratta

        Speakuh much engrish f00l?? Thanks for letting us know jlin no have negro relatives. Speaking of..why is kdub not referred to as nigga guard or batum nigga french forward or frank cracker ass cracker pollock center?? Things that make u go hmmmm ikr…

    • YouDirty Ratta

      Jlins gettin max deal f00l ..the end