Jeremy Lin in braids is the look he will bring to Brooklyn Nets

Jeremy Lin in braids is the look he will bring to Brooklyn Nets

Jeremy Lin and his braids are already making lots of noise in Brooklyn moments before he was formally introduced as the newest member of the Nets for the NBA’s next season.

Lin’s hairstyles have not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the public. People know of his latest hairstyles as he would post them to his social media accounts. Lin has done lots of hairstyles from Mohawk (Goku style), man bun and the Miley Cyrus style. But now it looks Lin is paying tribute to Allen Iverson’s braid hairstyle that people on Twitter gone to love and embrace.

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Lin noted that he always wanted to do braids and other different hairstyles for a long time. He is hoping that he would be able to it in Brooklyn and have the fans love it. People have gone to social media and compare him to Iverson with a prediction that the Nets would win the East next season.

But Lin added that aside from his hairstyle, he is coming to Brooklyn to help the Nets. Lin signed a three-year $36 million contract with the Nets that also gets him to be in the starting role for the team next season. Lin noted that he does not want to be boxed into someone who he is not rather he wants to be acknowledged for his achievements with the team and how he was able to make his contribution.

“In a lot of ways, not in a negative way or a way that I am offended, but it kind of dehumanizes me to refer to me as a phenomenon,” Lin said. “I am going to be here, keep playing my game, do the best that I can and whatever you guys want to call it, that is up to you guys.”

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Lin explained that aside from showing his basketball skill inside the court he would also want to be an influence to people off the court. Lin hopes that people would not only focus on his hairstyle but also on what he can do on and off the court, hoping that they would also support him all the way.

“That is so much bigger than basketball. I have a voice because of basketball, to be able to talk and influence and do things that are related to things that are affecting people’s lives and things every day. That is a unique situation,” Lin said.

Lin wants people also to remember that he is a person who has dreams and his dream has become a reality as he is now playing in the NBA. He wants people not to look on his hairstyle but see deep in what he is contributing to the team on the court and what he can offer to people off the court as well.

Photo Courtesy: nikk_la/Flickr