Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez looking for help: What now for the Brooklyn Nets in 2016 free agency?

Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez looking for help: What now for the Brooklyn Nets in 2016 free agency?

Earlier in the 2016 NBA offseason, the Brooklyn Nets were serious in reloading their backcourt by targeting free agents from the guard and forward positions and find players to fit alongside free agency signing Jeremy Lin.

However, both targets, Allen Crabbe of the Portland Trail Blazers and Tyler Johnson of the Miami Heat, were retained by their respective teams. Both Crabbe and Johnson were offered big contracts but both were restricted free agents (RFA), which made it possible for the Blazers and Heat to retain them in free agency.

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Where do the Brooklyn Nets go from here after the Heat and Blazers decided to stick with their free agents? What other moves can they make to find Jeremy Lin a suitable partner in the backcourt and the wings?

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The summer market for all players, especially guards and forwards, are thin at this point of 2016 free agency. However, the Nets still have a few options left to try to fill in and find a starter or players to add to their wing depth. These include shooting guards Dion Waiters (Oklahoma City Thunder), J.R. Smith (Cleveland Cavaliers), and Kevin Martin (San Antonio Spurs).

Smith may be looking for a huge deal after opting out of a $5 million plus contract with the champion team Cavaliers. The Nets may pair him with Jeremy Lin starting next season but they need to offer him a near max deal for Smith to consider leaving LeBron James and the Cavaliers.

Waiters and Martin can be acquired with smaller contracts along with other veteran guards still available in the free agent market.

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New Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson recently declared Jeremy Lin as the starting point guard for the team. He’ll be featured in the starting line-up along with star center Brook Lopez. However, Brooklyn’s failure to get them worthy free agency signings like Johnson and Crabbe will affect their chance of contending for a playoff spot next season.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

  • LinFan17

    How about Aaron Brooks as a backup? How about David Lee? How about A. Stoudemire?

    • plansmaker

      All the apples are picked. There is not much left on free agency market for Brook-Lin’s needs.
      Amare can play if his legs still there. D Lee needs resurgence as well as Aaron Brooks.
      NBA is a brutal business.

      • ltgeneralsusscrofa

        Agreed, maybe the Nets is being driven by divine intervention to bring back Landry Fields and Steve Novak at bargain to counter their injury history – as backup for the bench. Both were on fire when JLin was the floor general. Big risks though but Nets got nothing to lose from one year contracts at basement salaries.

        • plansmaker

          But S. Novak and L. Fields are not healthy, are they?

  • linlos

    must be young and have some elite skills.
    give troy daniels a big contract and test if the hornets would match.
    consider Terrance jones, may be.
    Otherwise, just find some one dimensional players in the dleague or oversea, and keep the salary space before the trade deadline for some draft picks

  • autoprt

    i hope nets get kevin martin. he vibed well with lin for the short time they played together in houston and has a great jumpshot. also zeller or sullinger would be a great pickup. please stay away from lance stephenson he would screw up locker room and chemistry. amare would be a good fit to see what he has left and he plays well with lin. melo was the problem with knicks.

    • waky wake

      I think you’d better go back and take a closer look at video of Martin’s attitude and mannerisms, during that short period he was with Lin in Houston. He seemed to have had a problem with Lin being the starting point guard and disregarded him time and time again, during their time on the court together. Maybe he has since gotten smarter and would realize this time, he has to please Lin, to get a permanent spot with him on this Nets team. Also, my evaluation of him as a defensive player is not good. Therefore I believe he could be a liability on that end of the court, if he’s signed and don’t buy into maximum effort, in a team defensive scheme and if the Nets are competitive this coming season, it will be due to their extra-efforts on the defensive end.