Jeremy Lin continues to lose minutes to Courtney Lee in crunch time, Hornets nip Pacers on the road

Jeremy Lin continues to lose minutes to Courtney Lee in crunch time, Hornets nip Pacers on the road

Jeremy Lin is losing minutes at this point of the season. The Charlotte Hornets beat the Indiana Pacers, 96-95 on Friday night thanks to a Kemba Walker game-winner with 2 seconds to go in the game.

The Hornets avoided the collapse after the Pacers fought back in the final quarter and grabbed the lead late in the game.

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Marvin Williams posted a double-double of 26 points and 13 rebounds while Walker also had a double-double with 22 points and 10 assists.

Jeremy Lin came off the bench to score 7 points but was just 3-of-8 from the field and played just 22 minutes.

Lin was averaging 26.9 minutes per game this season but his playing time appears to be affected in favor of veteran Courtney Lee, who was acquired by the Hornets in a trade with the Memphis Grizzlies near the NBA trade deadline.

Jeremy Lin is still part of the rotation for the Hornets and one of the key guys off the bench but Charlotte head coach Steve Clifford appears to trust Lee more than Lin. Lee played 39 minutes for the Hornets in the win against the Pacers, the most for any Charlotte player for the night. Lee finished with 7 points on 3-of-10 shooting and 1-of-5 three pointers for the Hornets.

Lin also did not play in the final 7 minutes of the game against the Pacers, a sign that Clifford could trust Lee more at crunch time for the rest of the season.

With the road win against the Pacers, the Hornets improved to 30-27 for the season and still in eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

Will Jeremy Lin continue to lose minutes to Lee in the fourth quarter for the rest of the year? Is Clifford doing a good job in his rotation and decision to bench Lin in favor of Lee?

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  • YouDirty Ratta

    Jlin had every opportunity to trade up. Not very smart for a harvard guy. Or make like superman and fire your agent!! League pass cancelled until jlin runs the show for all 82 on ANY team

    • JLin17Fan

      Jeremy is just too trusting… or maybe, he is content with how he is being used… if that is the case then nothing we fans can do except support him…

      • batangpasIit

        Lin mixes his Christian faith as a player which is partly wrong.

    • snizzar

      Yeah I gotta admit, he should’ve at least made it look like he was shopping for other options to get appeasement, considering how well he has been playing. I imagine he got word of the Courtney Lee trade way before it was official, so he should’ve had the foresight to see the effect on his minutes. Honestly, as harsh as a faded Kobe was to his teammates, he was right about Lin being soft. Lin tries to say that not being vocal doesn’t mean he’s devoid of will, but he doesn’t realize being silent makes him a punching bag. He’s in the NBA. It’s selfishness/ego that gets minutes/contracts. I’ve given him a free pass about this topic before, but not anymore.

      • westseadoc

        Even as a big Lin fan, I don’t think Jeremy has been consistent enough to be vocal and agitated about his time. He is still getting over 20 minutes, with the likelihood of getting bigger minutes as the season wears on. He just needs to shut up, be a team player and be ready to play the minute he gets time. Right now, his 3 point % is not good enough so he has to work more on shooting from spot up. If you put Curry in Lin’s role and with Lin’s time, I’ll guarantee you he would be shooting a lot better than high 30s % overall and I’ll bet Curry, off the bench, still shoots 40++% from 3 land. That type of performance forces a coach to look to give that player a lot more minutes.

        • snizzar

          Bruh how you gonna compare Lin or anybody for that matter to Stephen Curry, especially in 3s, lol. Besides, Lin is primarily used for splitting defenders as he drives to free up the outside/pass, which he does well. He’s never been a reliable spot up shooter, he’s just been forced into that role by ball dominant teammates. It’s his drives and also his defense that earns him minutes. Just sayin.

    • westseadoc

      Actually, I think this has not been optimal but it is far from bad. Lin is now not thought of as a defensive liability and is often credited with being a decent defensive player whereas before, he was underrated. He would replace Kemba if it were only for defense at the close but Kemba is in there b/c he has been handed the reins of the team and they have to show him faith. At this point, it would be hard for KW to have kept his head level and I think the team, in general, values and likes Lin. That is worth a lot this year. He just has to focus on what he can control and do that The rest will take care of itself. If he can step up and keep focus, even improve under less than ideal conditions, it will now be noticed. It will also show resilience and consistency… two traits that are more valued in the NBA than are the occasional spectacular play or game… esp for a bench role. Not every star will last as long as a good bench player as it takes a special skill and mind set to play well off the bench… Lin needs to remember that and work on it even more diligently than if he were starting.

  • ltgeneralsusscrofa

    JLin is heading for China next season, so he is silently happy to be able to rest from people who have no faith in him.

    • HardenAnd1

      You mean the Taiwan leagu right?!

    • Alan

      Lin will be in the NBA next year – Not China are anywhere else over seas.

      • Darryl Morey

        As an NBA scrub again?

        • Mus

          oh my goodness, you still have a job in Houston?

        • Alan

          Hi Daryl – I would rather have Jeremy Lin as my point guard or shooting guard than have you as my general manager if i was a team owner. Whether you know it are not you are the main reason that the Rockets are struggling and as long as you are their general manager the Rockets will NEVER win a NBA championship. You fired McHale to save your own job, but you better be packing your bags because this will be your last year with Houston, and maybe any team.
          Oh, and by the way, you spelled your name wrong !!!

  • westseadoc

    JLin simply has to keep refining his game and produce better for the time he is in there. Clifford doesn’t pull him for taking a bad shot and his defensive game is considerably better. Right now, Clifford is playing Lee not just because he is necessarily happier with him than Lin but he is still working on figuring out what rotations will help the team best win right now. He is not looking down the playoffs and has admitted that already. Lin’s performance, for the time he was in tonight, was productive and better than Lee. Lee might be considered a better perimeter defender or at least someone who can better play with Kemba than can Lin .. and that might be true. With the minutes Kemba is playing now, I’ll bet that Jeremy will have to step up big down the line. 35 min per game is a lot and leads to injuries. Clifford is not coaching smart by not preparing the entire team to be ready for playoffs but that is because Charlotte has not been thought of as a perennial playoff team. What is interesting is that Lamb recently signed a good sized long term contract and his usage is even less than Lin’s, so what does that tell you about Clifford’s thinking? Lin is continuing to improve and he will get his chance. What will be interesting is to see what lineup Clifford uses to rest Kemba or when K is injured. Lin will simply have to fight himself and remain positive. After all, he still has to remember that he never even dreamed he would get a chance to stay on an NBA roster, let alone get important minutes. Even if is time out there is less, he is still getting 20 minutes per game and his contributions won’t go unnoticed BUT his lack of contribution will loom larger. He will need to be more “Zen” in his mental approach and things will work out.

    • batangpasIit

      Well said but Lin is still getting a bad deal in the team.

      • westseadoc

        Yes, he is … right now. However, if they thought he had no major role, even with limited minutes, they would have traded him. He has trade value, especially with his low salary the Hornets would find ready takers for Lin. The fact that they haven’t shows that Clifford is still trying to see how and where Lee and Lin fit in. Given they are generally winning right now, he’s not going to make a firm decision. NO ONE disagrees that Lin off the bench with a good “B” team is a major asset compared to most other benches. I think he is overusing Kemba if he is seriously hoping for an extended playoff run. Right now, Clifford is still in the “just glad to get in” mode and is using his players as if that is enough and with the expectation that once in, won’t go beyond the 1st round. If he really thought they had a chance to go deep, he would or should be using Kemba more sparingly and developing his bench for major support.

        • batangpasIit

          At this point, Kemba looks indispensable.

  • fturla

    The situation with Jeremy Lin is the same problem with all backup bench players. Bench players often do not even play 20 minutes a game and are frequently asked to play out of position. A bench player will not be given the time to acclimate himself to the game so anytime a bench player does not do well the first few minutes of a game they are pulled out. The stats in bench players are accordingly much lower than starters and their career salaries are much lower as well.
    Many times J Lin has played games with the Charlotte Hornets where a third of the time he plays the point guard position then must move to the shooting guard or small forward post. When he moves off to another position most of the time plays are not designed to rotate to him so his talent is wasted since he is intentionally not being used by the team in those spots. His efficiency is very high but the team offensive and defensive schemes are flawed where the tendency of the Hornets is to go isolation ball and post up plays even when opposing teams can smother those attacks. Charlotte has a much better team than last year but the tendency to rely on isolation ball and not enough pick and rolls or passing will ultimately doom the team because their winning point differential is too low for competent competitors to realize that it only takes stopping the Hornets once in the late minutes of a game to win against them.

    • westseadoc

      Again, I reiterate that this is a coach not experienced with a winning team as a head coach AND he is known for being an outstanding Defensive Coach. He has limited experience with Offensive Schemes and is used to ISO-ball. He was an assistant coach on the Lakers within the past few years which ought to tell you something about his experience with varied offenses. PLUS the owner is Michael Jordan who knew well how to involve the whole team but he could go back and forth between iso-ball and team ball but that was MJ and a very experienced Bulls team, with one specific go-to ball player who was not afraid to pass off — but it took years of losing for MJ to learn that, like poker, your best option is not always the one with the highest % of success under normal conditions. Playoffs are not normal conditions because the intensity and physicality is ramped up and the teams are all better … offensively and defensively with a pretty good balance between them. Clifford is out of his element right now and is learning on the job… and so far, not doing badly but not doing optimally — IMHO.

      • fturla

        First off I like the way you comment. You give flavor and at the very least some form of backup as to your reasoning rather than propaganda. I may or may not agree to any or all your points but at the very least I have been entertained and your arguments seems sound initially which is the basis on influencing people to your side of an issue.

        Okay back to the subject of the Charlotte Hornets coaching. I do not agree as to the lack of experience being the primary cause of a weakness in the team. I believe the weakness is the type of experience by the coaching staff and ownership has lead the team to structure the style of game play similar to the Lakers and ultimately similar to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, or Miami Heat. This is actually hero ball with three or more ball dominant players.

        At present time the other competing philosophy is teams with a better cohesive structure in scoring and defense spread over more than three players. Those teams being the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, and the Atlanta Hawks.
        There is another philosophy out there regarding analytics but that camp is not exactly based on winning. The prominent ones I know of would be the Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76er’s.
        What we agree on is that there is something wrong in the best way to make the team the most efficient in winning with the roster they have. I believe the team has set goals that the common spectator does not know and that given the unknown structure to get to such goals the team has a lot of leeway to behave or play.

  • Alan

    I believe this writer is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Lin’s time is down very little so far. Lee is new and Clifford is trying him out. So far, at least offensively he is not looking any better or even as good as Lin. If Lin keeps his head up and goes out and gives it his all, which he always does, he will continue to be an important part of this team. Go Lin !! Go Hornets !!!

  • batangpasIit

    Look at Lee’s stats in this game vs Pacers. Was he better than Lin?

  • khyberjones

    Lee has had a slow start in Charlotte, but he’s getting a starter’s role. Lin has had a good role with Charlotte but is still on the outside looking in. Instead of being viewed as a key component of a winning team, he’s viewed as an essential rotation player who can fill in well as a spot starter when needed. He is playing the best basketball of his career (despite a lower shooting %), but he’ll need to go somewhere else to be viewed as an essential piece.

  • MT

    Lin is garbage. He shouldn’t even be in the NBA.