Jeremy Lin, Mike D’Antoni reunion with Houston Rockets now in play

Jeremy Lin, Mike D’Antoni reunion with Houston Rockets now in play

The Houston Rockets are reportedly set to officially announce their next hire for head coach in veteran mentor Mike D’Antoni, the former coach of Jeremy Lin with the New York Knicks, where “Linsanity” exploded in the NBA. Could Houston’s hiring of D’Antoni mean a reunion with his former point guard?

In earlier NBA rumors this offseason, the Rockets were linked to D’Antoni along with other veteran coaches like Jeff Van Gundy, Jeff Hornacek and David Blatt, among others. Rumors followed that D’Antoni would be targeting his former players, like Jeremy Lin, when free agency opens later this year.

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Lin is expected to opt out of his deal with the Charlotte Hornets and there are now reports that Lin will be demanding a long-term deal worth over $50 million from his next NBA team. After the season, the Asian-American guard stated that money will not be a consideration in his free agency and that his role with his next NBA team is more important at this point of his career.

With the expected departure of Dwight Howard, Houston is expected to do more running and fast-paced offense in D’Antoni, who is popular for his high-octane offensive style. This move for the Rockets will mean they are open to acquiring players like Lin, who can play both the guard positions.

One problem of Jeremy Lin rejoining Houston is James Harden, who is seen as a selfish player on offense. But with D’Antoni as head coach, he could maximize Harden and Lin together on the floor with his faster paced offensive system.

“Linsanity” happened in New York in the 2011-2012 season and D’Antoni was credited for unleashing Lin’s potential that year. After his Knicks’ stint, Jeremy Lin proved himself as worthy starter or sixth man with the Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets.

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  • AkoyPekpekLover

    Lin is used to playing selfish offensive player like Harden. Kemba Walker is also selfish in offense. The problem is playing with a bully like Harden. Remember that flagrant foul by Harden on Lin? If Lin should avoid playing with Melo at Knicks, he should also avoid playing with Harden at Rockets. The two will destroy his career.

    • JLin17Fan

      Don’t forget, Cluthfans absolutely hate Jeremy Lin.

      • thebigb0ss

        clutch fans are mostly fairweather fans anyway. The few diehard rocket fans will probably embrace lin, while most fairweather rocket fans are still deciding who to follow…mchale or harden lol.

      • Jorge

        Jealous of Lin, yes. Hate? I don’t think so.

  • setrue

    Jeremy should not go back to Rockets even if Dantoni is hired. We all know Haren is a coach killer and he will do what MElo did to Dantoni in NY. He will refuse to run the offense and force Dantoni out then Lin will be stuck playing in rhe corner during the prime years of his career. No, thank you. Lin will have better options.

    • Jorge

      Lin should not go back to those teams that dumped him or made him to leave. Trust is an important element. Those teams who treated Lin badly and as second class cannot be trusted even if there’s a change of coach. It’s the management and owners.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Rockets owner really liked Jeremy Lin alot. He spoke out good things about Jeremy Lin when Lin played at Lakers. I think for sure they will try to hire Jeremy Lin back.

  • thebigb0ss

    This is an interesting issue because Darryl Morey really liked Lin, despite dumping him to the Lakers. With that being said….if Mike D and morey come to an agreement about Harden, the best move if the Rockets cant move harden, is to play him off the bench. Thats a role that harden seems best suited. Clearly, after 4 seasons with Harden running the offense (2 with Lin, 3 with Dwight) that the Rockets couldnt get past the western conference finals (honestly, they shouldnt have even made it past the clippers last season).

    With that being said, harden and the rockets regressed to 41-41 and lost to the warriors mostly without Curry. Hero ball, along with someone who doesnt possess leadership skills, is a recipe for mediocrity with Harden.

    The only way i see lin going back to Mike D is a pledge to bring harden off the bench or trading harden (but i doubt any team will take on the 2 years left on harden’s contract.).