Jeremy Lin on NBA free agency and Charlotte Hornets future, speaks ‘honestly’

Jeremy Lin on NBA free agency and Charlotte Hornets future, speaks ‘honestly’

Jeremy Lin will be a free agent by the end of this season if the Charlotte Hornets point guard chooses to opt out of his player option. His $4.3 million deal with the Hornets which he signed during the off-season contains a player option for the second year.

“I haven’t really thought about it. The only thing I honestly have been thinking about is the playoffs.” SiriusXM NBA Radio quoted Jeremy Lin. Although Lin has remained vague regarding his decision of being a free agent, he hasn’t ruled out a return to the Hornets next season as well.

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Jeremy Lin averages 11.4 points per game along with 2.9 assists and 3.1 rebounds this season, according to Lin has averaged 25.9 minutes per game this year and has seen his play on the ball diminish along with his playing time.

Jeremy Lin has shown his inability to stick to one team as he has been on five teams in six of his NBA seasons, thus averaging almost one team per year. Sticking with the Hornets for yet another season will break this tradition.

The Charlotte Hornets fans will be delighted to know that Lin prefers his team’s winning over free agency. This is exactly what an organization wants from its employee and this may make the Hornets offer him more money in the off-season should he decide to return, as reported by

Although we are unsure of what Lin’s true intentions are at the moment, we are certain that Jeremy’s impending free-agency won’t be a factor in his team’s play this year. Lin has shown maturity with his comment and can be trusted of not becoming the center of media attention ahead of his team.

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  • Mr.Borisuri

    is it his ankle the reason for the diminished minutes lately? or something else? May Lin follow the path made by God.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      No actually. Here is how it happens: When Lin signed with Hornets, he was signed for a backup PG to Kemba Walker and nothing else, oh wait and if anything coach wants him to do more, then he needs to execute immediately. If MKG was not injured during preseason, I believed Jeremy Lin only plays as a backup PG; but since MKG was injured during preseason, Lin, Lamb, and PJ Hairston was giving alot of minutes especially LIn and Hairston. Since Hairston defense was not up to bar so Lin sometimes was called in to play as a SG. Typically since the season started, he played as both guard positions and his ankle was big due to alot of minutes. After the allstar, the managments got Lee in so he took over the place of SG permanently. so Lin only concentrated on his backup PG position. As the games go on, Kemba and Batum played at high level than before allstar, Clifford kind of let these two players control the game too; so his minutes diminished and he did not have a chance to control the game for a long period even he played as a PG. For winning, I think it is good because they won alot of games lately. For Lin, his shooting kind of bad for the past 4 or 5 games; so you see how his minutes decreased. To me, Clifford still valued Lin alot because I saw he still have like 25 minutes if he plays well in that game and Clifford also brought lin in for games that he wants Lin to seal the winning games based on Lin free throw. It is nobody fault. Since Kemba and Batumm improved alot and additional Lee too, how can Lin has more minutes? Even Lin shoots well, he will not have more minutes at all. Remember Lin was paid only $2 millions and a bench player signed for, the other three made at least 5 times Lin salary and right now they played at super level especially Kemba and Batum. To be fair, Clifford is fair enough to Lin already. He still gave Lin a decent minutes and still treat lin as a valuable player on his roster. He still have alot of players that are paid at least 5 times than Lin and more important than Lin; so he has to take care those players too. Salary is one of Key measure in NBA business. Lin fans have to think for Clifford too. If Clifford thinks Lin is not that important to Hornets roster, then he will treat Lin like Lance Stephenson.

      So overall is this fair? Lin fan don’t ask too much.

  • Il|

    No opportunity on 1st 3 teams clearly because of racist assumptions. Counting those as evidence of “nability to stick to one team” is an uneducated statement.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Yes, that statement is totally uneducated statement. It is like slapping someone in the face.