Jeremy Lin News: ‘Linsanity 2’ with New York Knicks a major possibility with Jeff Hornacek hire

Jeremy Lin News: ‘Linsanity 2’ with New York Knicks a major possibility with Jeff Hornacek hire

Jeff Hornacek to the New York Knicks is a done deal after the young coach signed a three-year contract as head coach. Speculations now shift to the Knicks’ offseason moves and one of the possible acquisitions is getting a starting point guard available in the free agent market like Jeremy Lin, Rajon Rondo and Mike Conley.

With the Hornacek deal finalized, which is reportedly worth $15M, the Knicks’ next move is to find their point guard to complement Knicks stars Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. Among the three point guards mentioned, Lin could come in as the cheapest option with both Rondo and Conley expected to demand a maximum contract this summer.

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Hornacek is known as a coach who knows how to maximize his point guard’s potential. With the Phoenix Suns, the only franchise he has coached in his NBA career, the former Utah Jazz shooter handled many point guards and combo guards like Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics), Goran Dragic (Miami Heat) and current Phoenix guards Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe.

Jeremy Lin is capable of being a combo guard playing both point guard and shooting guard positions in his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Charlotte Hornets and when “Linsanity” happened, with the New York Knicks.

Can Jeremy Lin revive the magic in New York? Would he want to return to the Knicks even with the presence of Anthony, who reportedly had issues with Lin when he turned into a star in N.Y.? Could the Asian-American guard be a better option for the Knicks since he’s not as expensive as Rondo or Conley?

  • batangsupot

    If in the past Lin was miserably chasing good teams to play, this time the teams are the ones chasing him.

  • FreetheMind

    Lin would be wise to stay away from Melo, one of the most overrated players in the league. Any team with Melo as the center piece will go no where. Melo is selfish, does not play a lick of defense, and shoots like 20+ times a game in ISO. Lin will have better options this summer and Knicks isn’t it.

  • Cp Cheung

    No way for Lin to choose to return to Knicks as long as Carmelo Anthony, the bully, is still there!

  • westseadoc

    I’d avoid Melo like the Zika Virus. He has a problem with not only a BIG ego (which is not NECESSARILY a problme) but it is a WEAK ego … meaning that he does not tolerate challenges well and rather than act like an adult, he will descend into childing behaviors such as whining, being petulant, throwing a form of a tantrum and generally causing dissension and disruption in the locker room. After feeling what GREAT locker room and team chemistry feels like, Lin would have to be an idiot or be guaranteed playing time by a coach that is not only strong, but has the backing of management and ownership OVER their main star. Not an easy or common thing to obtain.

  • westseadoc

    … forgot to mention that Melo is already actively campaigning for the Knicks to sign Rondo. I say let them; if not, then Melo will go into a funk. If they get Rondo and don’t do well, then Melo will lose not only credibility but might be wiling to admit that his judgement isn’t so perfect after all!