Jeremy Lin plays worst game of career, Hornets fall to Mavericks

Jeremy Lin plays worst game of career, Hornets fall to Mavericks

Jeremy Lin played one of the worst games in his career Monday night as the Charlotte Hornets fell to the visiting Dallas Mavericks, 107-96 snapping a seven-game winning streak by Charlotte.

Chandler Parsons and Dirk Nowitzki led the way for the Mavericks with 24 and 23 points, respectively. Nowitzki posted a double-double by adding 11 rebounds while Parsons had a good all-around game with 9 rebounds, 4 rebounds and 3 steals.

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This was a much needed win for the Mavericks, who previously lost five straight games before the victory on the road. Dallas got their 34th win against 33 losses for the season and tied the Houston Rockets in seventh place in the Western Conference standings. The Hornets fell to sixth place in the Eastern Conference with 37 wins against 29 losses.

For the followers of Jeremy Lin, the performance is bad news as Hornets head coach Steve Clifford continues not to give Lin his regular minutes. He played in just 19 minutes on Monday night and finished the game without a field goal, 0 of 3 and just 1 of 4 from the free throw line.

This was a season-low for Jeremy Lin, who had 2 points in a 108-91 win over the Chicago Bulls last February.

The Hornets were led by Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum, who had 25 and 20 points, respectively. Walker added 9 assists and 2 steals while Batum had 7 assists and 2 steals.

Coach Clifford continues to give Courtney Lee the playing time, and not Jeremy Lin, as the shooting guard acquired from the Memphis Grizzlies last month played 31 minutes and scored 12 points.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/ jlin7

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    • Arc Naut

      Lintardo in full force. He did have a worst game this season. What part of 0% FG and 1 point game don’t you understand? Playing almost 20 min?? Perhaps nobody should mention Lin when he has a good game, because who cares, right? He is only a 2 mil/year (which he chose because he had no other offer?).

      You can’t have it both ways. You complain when people don’t give Lin enough credit and kudos when he only plays 22 min/game off the bench, you call them racists for snubbing Lin. You guys never complain when they say good things about Lin. Yet you insult writers for telling the truth about Lin in this one game?

      That’s why you guys are the joke of internet, hated everywhere. You want the world to treat LIn special, like a star, even when he is NOT performing. You whine and cry and being marginalized by the coach, by his team mates when the truth of reality is that Lin is NOT playing consistently. So if you don’t want Lin to be scrutinized like a star, then don’t expect and whine ABOUT people treating him like a non-star when Kemba and Lee are STARTERS.

      What it comes down to is Lin is NOT performing to his potential. No coach will leave a player when he shoots 1/8, 1/6, 0/3 ?! Look at Troy, he makes less $ than Lin, yet he can make his shots when called upon, playing much less min than Lin; he doesn’t need the whole world the roll out the red-carpet for him, everyone to set screens for him, PnR, kneel down at his feet, so he can make his shots.

      Stop whining, you are a disgrace to fans of Lin everywhere.

      • YouDirty Ratta

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        Like i said..playoff prediction
        Kdub @ point wont get passed round 1
        Jlin @ point meets gsw @ finals

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  • bsigood

    I love it. J Lin is from Harvard and he should know better than to low ball his value and then expect people to treat him with respect. If you cannot value yourself, no one is going to pay any attention to you, and that is economics 101.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Dude you are wrong to Jeremy Lin. What did Jeremy Lin say about money? When did Jeremy Lin put himself up on the hill? This young man is a nice man on earth who did not care about money and all he cares is playing alot on the court. He always put himself lower.

    • Arc Naut

      Lamb gets paid 7 mil/year, he gets much less min than Lin. So pay doesn’t equate playing time. You have to play good period. If Lin keeps having games like this where he is shooting 0/3, 1/8, the coach will find someone who can do his job without all the excuses in the world and insulting the coach. Look at Troy, he can come in and shoot his lights out whenever call upon. No need to warm up. No need to get into the flow of the game. No need for people to set screens, to give him wide open shots (Lin misses those frequently also, that’s why he is shooting his career worst 30%3PT). Not to mention, this annoying accusations, more like paranoia, that coach is out to get him.

      Look at the truth carefully in the eye. Lin is literally one of the worst shooter on the team right now. Yet Clifford still values him. Lin’s min is decreasing is directly correlated to Lin’s dismal shooting.

      Stop the race-baiting and insults. Grow up. Grow a brain. Lin is a big boy. He doesn’t need guys like you making excuses for him.

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  • norah mackenzie

    probably a bit late but thought to add my comments – we shall see how well the hornets do this coming season. will they make the playoffs again? that is the question