Jeremy Lin return to Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks impossible; 3 reasons why Lin won’t leave Hornets this offseason

Jeremy Lin return to Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks impossible; 3 reasons why Lin won’t leave Hornets this offseason

Jeremy Lin is playing the best basketball of his career in the 2016 NBA Playoffs that it’s impossible to see him leave the Charlotte Hornets this offseason.

Repeated NBA rumors of the Asian-American guard returning to either the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks are making their usual rounds in the rumor mill but the possibility of him signing with another NBA team is close to impossible with “Linsanity” being relived in Charlotte.

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Here are 3 reasons why Jeremy Lin is sticking with the Michael Jordan-owned team next season:

1. Linsanity in Charlotte in the playoffs

After struggling in the first two games of their series versus the Miami Heat, Jeremy Lin has become arguably the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the Hornets in the last three games because of his scoring and overall all-around good game.

Lin scored 9 and 11 points in Games 1 and 2, respectively and both were blowout losses. In the last three games, he has scored 18, 21 and 11 and all came in wins as the Hornets now lead the best-of-seven series, 3-2. Lin shot just 4-of-10 from the field in Game 5 but he also had 6 rebounds and 7 assists plus a crucial long two-pointer that gave the Hornets a chance to steal the victory on the road.

2. Jeremy Lin values winning over money

Jeremy Lin is considered one of the good guys in the league and one who has always played the game the right way and is also conscious of his image on and off the court. Lin signed a two-year deal worth about $4.3 million last season with the Hornets hoping to get major playing time and role with the team both in the regular season and playoffs.

Despite some issues with his role in the regular season, Lin’s potential as a sixth man has been realized as he has been one of the consistent top reserves in the league this year. His playoff explosion back to Linsanity form also speaks well of his relationship with head coach Steve Clifford and how he will be used by the franchise as a player.

Choosing the Lakers or Knicks and returning to one of his former teams will be against what Lin’s value most as a player and that is choosing money over basketball. Lin is playing great basketball in Charlotte and winning that it’s impossible to think that he will choose to return to rebuilding and losing teams like Los Angeles or New York.

Jeremy Lin has a player option in his contract for next season. However, if the Hornets continue winning in the playoffs, expect Lin to stay in Charlotte and delay free agency and potentially signing with teams like the Lakers or Knicks.

Jeremy Lin and the Hornets will host the Miami Heat on Friday when they have a chance to move on to the next round of the NBA Playoffs.

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  • Zeke

    The author forgot one reason why Lin will leave: He wants to start as a PG, not as a backup or sixth man.

    With his brilliant performance in the playoffs, it becomes a near certainty that someone other than Jordan will offer Lin a starting PG opportunity to lead a team. Lin will take that in a heart beat even if he makes less money. Bank it.

    • TexasTrip

      But Jeremy sucks as a starter he’s only a bench player at best in his career

      • Zeke

        Obviously you watched very few games when Lin was a starter. As brilliant as he is as a backup, he is even better as a starter. He lost starting jobs in Houston and LA because there were certain you-know-who ballhog SG’s needed the ball.

        For the several games he started this season, Lin was great as usual, including the only game Hornets ever beat LeBron.

        • TexasTrip

          He’s just lucky his playing a Heat with old Wade and useless Dragic haha

          Scrub as a starter better as a sixthman because he’s just not that good

          • Zeke

            Ok I now know where you are from. Enjoy your exit from playoffs last night with the real award winning sixth man who can’t lead.

          • ForTheLin

            Alert, Texas redneck trolling…

          • Tom Gardner

            Low IQ.

          • JT Jeanry

            I can’t believe you guys are taking this troll serious. He is either looking for friends or a hug. Please ignore him

          • Mus

            Probably a Clutchfans member.

        • yobroman

          What do McHale, Scott, and Fisher have in common? All fired this year from teams heading in the wrong direction or out of the playoffs.

          • Tom Gardner

            Kobe, Melo and Harden all sitting on their butts at home, watching JLin smoke in the playoffs.

      • LinFan17

        How about the game Jeremy as a starter vs the big three Cavalier when Walker was absent?

      • yobroman

        The Hornets win 3 in a row after getting blown out the first two games. They now lead this series. Saying now that a playoff team suddenly sucks or their opponent is lucky is just plain dumb or trolling.

      • Tom Gardner

        You are insane. The facts prove otherwise. This year alone he started 13 games and averaged 18 ppg. Remember: right now Harden, Kobe and Melo are all home, watching JLin in the playoffs.

    • LinFan17

      And the author forgot Jeremy Lin is getting the minimum pay.

    • Jorge

      I absolutely agree. Lin won’t be completely happy unless he starts as PG.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Yeah! You hit the nail in the coffin. I think Hornets will lose him because of the PG starting position and it will hurt Charlotte fans alot. I think the Net or Sixers will get him due to his old coach is there. Hornets is a perfect team for Lin to lead as a PG starter; but too bad they already invest heavily on Kemba Walker.

  • Jorge

    The article says it all. Lin is not just about money. How many players are like him today? Most are greedy and lovers of money. After all, they get into NBA mainly because of money.

  • Hope Yang

    Getting the right money is also getting the respect. Lin has to opt out, not just for the money, but for his career.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    I think Hornets can be a championship contender if the same roster is still there for next year especially Lin and a healthy MKG.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    This friday game is not an easy game for Hornets because the HEAT will bring out everything they have to try to win this game. If the Hornets do the same thing, then Hornets will win beause of home court advantage.

  • Walking Fool

    Lin is under rated, but that is starting to change.

    I’m glad folks are finally appreciating his qualities and hard work. I wish the very best for the Hornets.

  • Grant Hodges

    Zeke, I hope you are right.

    But I suspect you are not. It took four teams for Jeremy Lin to find someplace where they would treat him half-way decent. I also note how Lin was bench after the Cleveland win…. Mostly, I think that Lin has shown his quality and the Hornet coaching staff has decided they have to run with it or go on vacation early. So Lin will seek to blossom where he is now planted.

    Although Lin always finds friends on new teams, the super stars on those previous teams have submarined his career at every opportunity. Carmelo, Harden, and Kobe, all viewed a renewal of Linsanity as a debit against their careers. So it was ok for Lin to set up his teammates, …but not so great for the ball to come back to Lin.

    I feel like the author may be right that Lin will stay. I would not. I would try to get the $8M he deserves per annum. We realize the Charlotte team is different. There are several players that want Lin heavily involved in the offense and are willing to play team ball to see the team win. I think Kimba feels that way. So . . . Lin can stay . . . ride the bench. . . maybe get hurt . . . maybe leave with nothing. Or stay . . . rock the NBA next year . . . and sign a Jordanesque contract for year after next.

    It’s a big risk.

    I hope he takes the Zeke option.

  • Changmang Zhao

    Well, the author is basically saying Lin will not opt out this year because he is happy now and doesn’t care about money. I can ensure you that Lin will opt out. reasons being:
    1. 2 yr $4.3M is already a steal this year, plus next year the salary cap will increase. Think about Dragic and TT’s contracts.
    2. He is happy now, will it be the same next season? Batum probably will stay, so who’s minutes will get cut when MKG’s back?
    3. There are teams who can offer him a starter, for example, Nets.

  • TheSportsAuthority

    Lin will opt out no matter what. Of course, he will greatly consider staying in Charlotte but with a real contract.

    It’s an insult to Jeremy Lin to be playing on a $2M deal. And while he is a team first player…he and his agent know his real value. That’s why they bet on himself and took such a cheap deal on what amounts to a one-year contract.

    Jeremy Lin owes it to all the underdogs and those discriminated by the forces of power to make sure he gets at least “near” market value, which should be no less than $8M a season.

  • MangDoIphy

    The biggest reason is Lin loves people more than money. For believers, he loves God more than anything else.

  • Yummy Bear

    So underrated. Even casual NBA fans would be able to tell he’s got talent and work ethics.

  • Yummy Bear

    He just keeps on bringing the pain to Miami.