Jeremy Lin says starting role a factor in free agency; Down to the Knicks or Nets?

Jeremy Lin says starting role a factor in free agency; Down to the Knicks or Nets?

Jeremy Lin emphasized that his free agency decision this summer will be affected by a team’s ability to offer him a starting role. Lin has been linked to many teams in various NBA rumors but only a few teams can offer him the starter job he wants.

“To me, the most important thing as a free agent is that I am happy when I play basketball or show up for work. I was happy last year, but I was not particularly happy for the first five years,” Lin said via Taipei Times.

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“To be happy, I need to consider a few things. Of course I am going to consider who is coaching the team, the team’s style, the players on the team and their chance of winning, as well as the on-court time I have and if I have a chance to start.”

Lin, who is the first player with Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA, was in Taipei in an event for adidas. NBA rumors has Lin linked to teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.

But among those teams interested, only the Sixers, Knicks and Nets will be able to offer him a starting job at the point guard position. Both the Knicks and Nets are looking to return to the playoffs and an upgrade at the PG position will be one of their priorities this summer.

There are also speculations that Lin could go back to the Charlotte Hornets, where he had a very successful season. However, with his new statement of wanting a starting PG role, it looks like he won’t go back to Charlotte because they already have a starting PG in Kemba Walker.

  • Jorge

    That means Lin is out of the Hornets for good because he will never be a starter in that team.

    • Da_Neutral_Observer

      Being a starter is only ONE factor that Lin cited as important to him. I would think he would return to Charlotte if they can accommodate most of his wish list.

      • MangDoIphy

        What is or are his wishes? That he be allowed to hold bible study before and after every game or practice?

        • Da_Neutral_Observer

          If you bothered to read the article you would know Lin’s list consists of who is coaching the team, the team’s style, the players on the team and
          their chance of winning, as well as the on-court time he has and if he
          has the CHANCE to start. Pay attention!

      • Casual Observer

        The chance of Lin returning to Hornets is practically zero!

      • dio dioneso

        They can’t because Kemba will always be the starter.

  • yabidoo99 .

    Yes, Lin is ready to be a starter and only a starter can make him the best player he can be. And a coach can only release Linsanity 2 when he makes Lin a starter.

  • Ray B

    Lin should have always been a starter but then you had the propaganda of Houston, Mafail and the bearded ball pig.

  • plansmaker

    To my surprise, Jeremy Lin is not Hornets top free agency priority. MJ has other plans when comes to starting point guard or shooting guard 2017.
    Nic Batum is an All Star caliber baller and Hornet’s summer Free Agency priority. Among other free agents are Courtney Lee, Marv Williams, Big Al Jefferson and J Lin. Richard Cho will not likely to sacrifice Lee, William and Jefferson for Jeremy Lin’s possible $10-12 million/ year max contract along with what Nic Batum’s demand of $15-18 million per season.
    Yes, Lin can command $10 million per as starting point guard in D’Antoni’s Rockets, Kenny Atkinson’s Brooklyn, Jeff Hornacek’s Knicks, aging SA Spurs need point guard to back up old Tony Parker, Dallas Mavs, LA Clippers or return to Kobe-less Lakers under new management of Luke Walton (Golden State Asst coach).
    Charlotte can’t afford to resign Lin unless Lin give Hornets discount or they pass either Lee, Williams or Jefferson.

  • setrue

    It is clear Lin will not return to Hornet because two factors…he will not have a chance to be starting pg AND when MKG heals from onjury his playing time will drop to 15min or less. Lin has turn down Hornets 5.6 million raise which is an insult considering they rushed to sign Jeremy Lam at 7 million. Lin knows now that in NBA…the higher the salary the more respect you receive from mgmt and coach. It is best he accept the highest offer with guarantee of starting pg postion.

    • Peter

      Well said 👍🏻! Melo is still with the Knicks, and biggest landing spot is NJ, for now

  • Cp Cheung

    Hornets will go down after Lin left, just like Knicks, Rockets, and Lakers. It is mysterious that teams, without Lin, can’t do well later. The best team for Lin to sign as a free agent is Rockets because other than Coach D’Antoni , who else is better to create Lisanity II ? In the entire world, only Coach D’Antoni knows and can use Lin better. Moreover, the owner Leslie likes Lin, and therefore, Lin can ignore Manager Morey. After McHale left, Lin and Harden can get along well.

    • Swingshift Worker

      This is not true. Houston will be no better this time than it was for him last time. Harden and Berverly are still there and Harden will still need/want to hog the ball. Just because D”Antoni is now the coach will NOT change that. All you’ll see him do in Houston is the same thing he did last time, feed Harden the ball and stand in the corner.

    • Swingshift Worker

      In terms of “Linsanity” and starting, Lin’s best bet is Brooklyn. Kenny Anderson was there with D’Antoni and the Knicks when Lin took off in NYC. He was supportive of Lin then and it’s told that he has continued to stay in touch w/Lin. The Nets are “rebuilding” and need a starting PG. Lin isn’t the best of the bunch BUT he comes cheap and the others may not be available to the Nets. So, I think his best shot is there.

  • Joe_nyc

    Lin only said “..a chance to start.” That’s different than “I want to be the starter.” Sounds like he’s just looking for more minutes and not necessarily to be the starter.

  • TheSportsAuthority

    Some of you obviously didn’t score perfect in Reading Comprehension on your ACT like I did. It’s one of a number of factors…the chance to start.

    Looking at the landscape there’s going to be a lot of suitors. I hope Jeremy ends up in San Antonio.

  • sundar

    Lin has another 2-3 years max as a starting PG given his current style of play which is to use his speed to get past defenders and his ability to contort to finish despite contact. He takes a beating in the process and hits the deck a bit too hard. Sooner rather than later he has to do one of 3 things. One, accept that this current style will only let him play at this level say 3 years max after which he will be relegated to being on poorer teams who are ok with a dinged PG who has lost his first step to an extent. Two, he can accept a back up PG position or SG position and extend his career with his current style to say 4-5 years. Last option (which I think is the smartest) is to add more dimensions to his game.

    For one, he has to stop hitting the deck with the frequency or intensity that he does. Yes, that is one of his specialties and he has one of the highest FG%s at the rim (not to mention FTs earned) but that is career sapping to say the least. He ought to use that as a surprise weapon rather than his go to move each time.

    He has to learn to post smaller guards or even those in his height and weight range as Wade does or Kidd used to. He used to look for the open big men a lot more in his NY and even in his Houston days but seems more intent on his shot now even when at PG (not just at SG). His ability to find the open man if he rekindles that art (his kick outs to Novak in NY were a treat to watch) will force defenders to give him some room which in turn will open up more rim opps but not with the banging he gets these days.

    He used to get way more steals in the past and was 2nd or 3rd in the league in Houston but that has dropped off because he tends to stick with his man rather than disrupt passing lanes maybe because he was worried about the drumbeat re his defense. If however he gets smarter about it and rushes in to intercept passes off the PnR when his man is not on the weak side, the defense wont be as badly affected. Of course he can only do this if his man is not on the weak side but have seen him often tentatively prod at say post playing bigs dribbling to get into the paint while defended by Zeller or Hawes but because he wont commit, he neither forces the big to pick up his dribble or to pass out of the double team that could lead to a TO. Net result is that while he may hold off his man better than in the past, suspect his defensive efficiency is down because he does not alter players like he used to when he clogged passing lanes often.

    Lastly he has to up his 3pt % to 37-40% to be a threat off the ball when he can come running and catch and shoot or simply take the shot when his defender goes under the pick to prevent the drive. Currently with his streaky 3pt %, if he misses the first 1-2 shots he tends to get cautious so the defenders give him space to dare him to shoot the 3. He has to make them pay for that.

    Lastly on defense, he has to learn to track down his man after he has been it with a strong pick. Faster guards like Chris P or Westbrook or even say a Mark Wall tend to leave him behind and he is left scrambling to stay relevant in the play. I suspect he is tentative when tracking back to avoid fouls especially in the paint but if he can learn to recover faster and track back if only to challenge the shot or disrupt a pass forcing the dribbler to either pull up or pass to a sub-optimal position, his defensive efficiency will go up.