Jeremy Lin signing with the Brooklyn Nets is the perfect offseason plan—if only Lin can be selfish for once

Jeremy Lin signing with the Brooklyn Nets is the perfect offseason plan—if only Lin can be selfish for once

Jeremy Lin had an up and down season in his first year with the Charlotte Hornets but the Asian-American guard said that he enjoyed his time with the Michael Jordan-owned team more than he did with his past teams.

But what is next for “Linsanity”? Should he opt out of the second and final year of his contract with the Hornets? Or should he stick with the Steve Clifford-coached team?

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Lin is known for his great attitude on and off the court and has been saying all the right things so far even after the Hornets got embarrassed in Game 7 of the first round series against the Miami Heat. Lin did not show any frustration with his team, coach and role despite the fact that the Hornets choked away in Games 6 and 7 when the Heat got the win and stole the series from Charlotte, which led 3-2 at that point of the best-of-seven series.

However, Jeremy Lin is being too nice and he should know that he can do more inside the court with a bigger role as he’s shown in Games 3 to 5 in the series against Miami being one of the leaders of the team in scoring and running the team.

For the 2016 offseason, Jeremy Lin should be selfish and think about his career and how he can turn from one of the best sixth man in the league to a legit starter or even a star for his team.

Jeremy Lin signed a two-year deal worth $4.374 million with the Hornets before the 2015-2016 season. He has a player option of $2.35 million for 2016-2017, which means he can leave Charlotte and become an unrestricted free agent in the 2016 offseason.

For his sake, Jeremy Lin should opt out this summer and search for a team that has no Kemba Walker, who plays the same role as Lin, and has no Steve Clifford, who does not know how to use Lin or does not trust him enough in the big moments.

And for Jeremy’s Lin’s next team there is no other perfect fit other than the Brooklyn Nets, here are 3 reasons why:

1. The Brooklyn Nets are one of the few teams without a starting point guard. Depending on free agency, others that might need one are the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers. Of those three, the Mavericks may offer Lin a contract but they would prefer to chase a superstar first rather than get a player like Lin.

2. The Brooklyn Nets hired Kenny Atkinson as head coach. Atkinson was with the New York Knicks when “Linsanity” exploded and Lin is a big believer of the mentor when asked about the Nets’ new coach.

3. The Brooklyn Nets need another star alongside Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young and Lin could be that guy. The Nets are in rebuilding mode but this is where Lin has a chance to prove that he can be more than a role player for any NBA team. With Brooklyn, he won’t have to share minutes with the likes of James Harden when he was with the Houston Rockets and Walker this year with the Hornets. The two ball-dominant guards simply aren’t good fit with Lin, who is also effective with the ball.

Should Jeremy Lin remain loyal to Charlotte? Or should Jeremy Lin start thinking about his career and what’s best for him to realize his potential and move to another NBA team?

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  • Jorge

    NETS would be the perfect team for Lin.

  • Seahawk

    Whatever team who offers him a starting role.

  • ding

    Agree. Clifford didn’t trust Lin in the big moments in Game 7 against Heat. He probably won’t get any blame from Jordan even if Walker played so bad. That is ridiculous.

  • plansmaker

    Here is a basic Christmas wishing list for Lin.
    1. Take offer from any NBA team that give him starting point guard position 2016-2017.
    2. Get paid like starting point guard of NBA, $10-12 million per year. Its a discount if you consider Lin is equal or better than Goran Dragic of Miami. Goran gets $15 million per season and Westbrook gets $20 million per season.
    Therefore, $12 million is a fair contract per season for Lin’s service.
    Lin will have a lot more fun playing his ass off while get paid like a solid point guard.
    Tell Michael Jordan, Thanks but no thanks. No one will blame Lin for ditching meager $2 million contract with Hornets.

  • setrue

    Jeremy RUN don’t walk to a team wothout a starting point guard. Jeremy DEMAND as big a salary as you can get because in the NBA your coach will only respect you as a player if you have a max contract in your pocket…prime examples…Carmelo, Harden, Kobe, Kemba.

  • waky wake

    I have followed Lin’s career since his coming-out days with the Knicks. When that season ended, I posted that Lin needed to move on from the Knicks, due mostly to Carmelo Anthony’s jealously and ISO play. Although I initially thought Houston was a good fit for him, even with McCale (very poor) as head coach. The roster was then chalked full of young talent that Lin could grow with and help mode into an unselfish and balanced team, on both ends of the court. Then that dark day OKC was able to sucker Morey into taking James Harden off their hands. Even though it was Lin who was the real threat for Houston in the playoffs those two seasons, he was traded away to placate Harden, Morey and by default, McCale and at the time , I was thankful they did. Due to Kobe’s injuries and advanced basketball age, I though maybe the Lakers would be a good landing spot for Lin and hoped the new Lakers coach might have a clue. I warned in posts that Lin had to go in there and exert himself and not let Kobe bully him, but alas, he did anyway. Then Scott started showing why he had been fired from his previous coaching jobs and even hobbling, Kobe couldn’t stand letting anyone else dawn the spotlight by actually helping the Lakers get better. Now comes this season with the Hornets and his skills are proven, again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Kemba Walker is a fine little player and had been the one bright spot for the Hornets for a couple of years, but little is one of the key words here, shooter and ISO are two others. Kemba Walker isn’t a point guard in the truest sense of the word, he’s a shooting guard who is too short for the position. In short (no pun intended), the Miami playoff series completely exposed Walker’s shortcomings (again, no pun intended) and highlighted the fact that Jeremy Lin is the true point guard that Charlotte needs. But loyalty to Kemba and deservedly so, will keep that from happening. So now because he was treated like a human being for once and don’t feel he has to apologize for maxing out his earning potential, Lin has suggested that he would be willing to remain in Charlotte, keep coming off the bench behind a player who is a serious liability on defense and a ball-dominate ISO shooter on a team that’s going nowhere as long as he, Kemba Walker is the starting point guard? Not to mention continue being way under paid to boot? As much as I like Jeremy Lin as the person he has shown himself to be and as a fan of the basketball player that now everyone has to admit that he is, if he does that, I’m through with him as a fan!!!!! Come on Lin!!!! It’s your choice. Brooklyn, Philly, or maybe even Chicago. Pick one, sign for no less than a three year deal at at least $8 mil per and a guarantee of at least one full, unthreatened season starting at the point. Jeremy, this is your one big shot. Be selfish for once and look out for #1. Trust me. You will be helping that future team in the process.

    • Cp Cheung

      Lin was benched in Game 7 most of the time even though Kemba was failing. Lin doesn’t have any future with Hornets. If Lin wants to take another pay cut to stay with Hornets, he is not only stupid, but also destroy his entire career with NBA. The only NBA player from Harvard should not be the dumbest guy in the entire NBA!

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Nice comment. You are correct and Cp Cheung you are correct too. “Be it all you can be”. Why being a looser when you have a chance to be a starter PG with alot of playing time that you don’t have to worry. Watching a backup player is not fun in any sport because he or she will have limited minutes to show his or her talent. That is why the best is always a starter and is in the starting lineup roster for the team. Even Allen Iverson did not accept a backup position in NBA when he was dead broke.
      The reason why LIn is so popular and have a biggest fan because he was a kid who tried hard to reach NBA and played the best he can be for the fan to see. Who want to continue to watch Lin to play as a backup player who will be buillied by opponent or other when he has a chance to play as a starter PG.

  • Cp Cheung

    Wake up Jeremy Lin! NBA is not a charity organization! Their owners and all other good players make tons of money. Your self-sacrifice of pay cut is the biggest joke in the history of NBA. Harvard University will feel a shame of your wrong and coward decision!

  • yabidoo99 .

    The best way to make a PG feel comfortable in this league is to prove you can help the team to WIN and you are one of the best PG in this league. Then you can control your own destiny. No other way around. To achieve this, you need to be a starter first.

    And I think JLin is ready to be a starter now, simply because his defense skill is very good now.

    In order to be a starter, he should be still able to help his team to win with at least either his good defense or assist when he has a bad shooting night. And JLin have not only good D, but also very good assist + penetration skills as always.

    The last important skill of JLin is to finalise his shooting form and then to mix his one on one skill with a good mid-range shooting percentage. Once this is achieved, JLin will be not just a regular starter…

  • sundar

    He needs to be in a place where the media frenzy will be at a minimum so that he can be at peace. PG or SG is frankly not as important IMHO compared to his state of mind. Yes, his numbers go down as SG but despite my being his fan, have to admit that he cant be a sustained starting PG. For that he needs different weapons besides the PnR. He needs to know how for example he can play with a real big man on the give and go. He has shown glimpses of that with Al Jefferson and in the past with Howard but he is not consistent at it. He also has to improve his shooting accuracy especially off the dribble as he is never going to be say a Reddick on catch and shoot. A reasonable post game against guards of his size give or take 10 lbs and 1-2 inches would add a huge dimension to his game as is the case for example with Wade or Kidd in the past. His defense is passable but he needs to play PGs closer, especially the ones within 1-2 inches of his height to look for steals and when off the ball in defense he should go for more steals in the passing lanes as he used to back in NY or even Houston. Currently when off the ball he seems to tend stay with his man more or tries to help in the post but rarely poaches in the passing lanes as he used to. With some solid off season work he could easily develop at least 2 of these weapons. Cant be a starting PG with his erratic shooting, PnR dominant offense and only passable D against quick (like I Thomas/CP3/Rondo) and / or strong guards ((like Westbrook/Harden/Deron Williams). I sure wish he can make the grade as he has the potential and the willingness to learn and work his ass off and who does not like a “Rudy” style movie anyway? 🙂

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Lin! For your information, look at Ricky Rubio, a Minnesota PG. He continues to enjoy a gig paycheck $14 millions per year on next season and look at this guy. What have he contributed tor Minnesota? NADA…ZERO… not even a playoff season. A loosing season after loosing season…but why he enjoyed $14 millions per year. Because he is starter PG and good pass that is all. Who complain him, nobody. but who cares? Like Jeremy Lamb, $7 mllions paycheck who care…..When you said “even willing to take a paycut to play for Charlotte”, almost every NBA fans thought you are on drug or something at the time. Why so stupid to say that kind of thing during free agency comming up which might give you a huge boost on your career.

    Don’t be surprise! Your opponent asks you this question “Are you really from Harvard?”; that mean they think you are stupid person and don’t deserve from Harvard. You complained racism like your opponent asked you in the past “Do you even open your eye when you shoot the ball”.
    “Be it all you can be” and don’t act like a stupid idiot because you are Harvard graduate and act like one. Don’t act like Jesus Christ! If you want to act like Jesus Christ, then quit this NBA thing and be a priest or pastor. Please don’t bring religion to NBA here. If you would like to bring religion, then bring it to the church area.

    • howard.tjh

      semi agreed with you, but he can easily get endorsements in asia countries for millions of dollars, so he is not really looking to sign a high paycheck in NBA. He just wants to play bball with a team of players that he trust. But then again, by doing that, he is being overly magnanimous, he needs to squeeze his own butt to be more courageous and ambitious than being a bench player. Fact that this is an entertainment sports, he needs to satisfy his fans and quit hiding behind the bench, otherwise means its time for him to retire from the scene.

    • Rick Hunter

      I see you post on JLin articles everywhere. You need to chill out and get a life. If you are a true fan that is. To give you a little insight, it was a smart move by JLin to publicly say that he would take a pay cut to stay a Hornet. Then the Hornets feel they have a chance to keep him and will actually make an legit offer. Then other teams will offer more. If JLin says nothing, then the Hornets lowball offer, then other teams won’t offer as much.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Just google the web and see. They said that Hornets are going to try to keep 4 starters as possible (Batum, Al, Lee, and Marv) in the headline. They did mention about Lin as a backup only. You see Lin! You are just a backup and nothing else. They will talk to those guys first before talking to you.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    If Lin is a good at SG, Hornets would not bother to hire Lee. Now he is a backup for Kemba and Lee and Batum.

  • batangpasIit

    Lin’s value is not only to a NBA team that takes him; but to the game of basketball and sports as a whole. His playing skills and good character that serve as role model for other players and the youth should not be ignored because seldom do we see the kind of player like him. His fans, mainstream or Asians, are not limited to North America but as far as Asia and Pacific. Lin brings not just joy and entertainment to many but business. His jersey sold like hot cakes in China. His fans are not only in China and Taiwan but other Asian countries including the Philippines where basketball is her national sport and Filipinos are so crazy about.

  • i4sun

    Getting paid $2 mil who helped them to playoffs but still not being appreciated is definitely disappointing!!! Leave the Hornets!! You don’t have much chance to be selfish!!! You’re close to 30s which will be considered old and may easily be unwanted then…

  • Rick Hunter

    A lot of Foreign fans on this article. You need to understand Jeremy Lin wants to have fun playing basketball, at the same time, he gets paid just enough and is happy with it. He doesn’t want all the pressure that comes with what happened to him in Houston, LA. It’s a mental thing. God gave him the gift of basketball, but also gave him humility. You want him to be an a-hole, score first, starting PG? He might have the ability but he might not be able to do it in this NBA. Maybe another Asian in the future can do it, but maybe it’s not going to be Jeremy Lin. Just let the guy be himself and be happy for what he has achieved so far.

  • TheSportsAuthority

    I get the love from his fans. I want to see him start and lead a team too. But if Jeremy Lin loves his coaches, teammates, role and whatever million dollar paycheck they want to give him…who am I to tell him to leave that?

    Lin doesn’t have anything to prove. He’s made millions. He’s going to make millions more. He’s been in the circus. He’s won and he’s lost. He knows what makes the game fun for him and what doesn’t.

    He’s going to be a free agent meaning this is Jeremy Lin’s decision. Let the kid live and do what he wants to do. Then just enjoy watching him play.