Jeremy Lin has starting backcourt mate with Brooklyn Nets in Tyler Johnson

Jeremy Lin has starting backcourt mate with Brooklyn Nets in Tyler Johnson

Jeremy Lin might have found his backcourt partner with the Brooklyn Nets as his new team signed restricted free agent Tyler Johnson on Sunday.

Johnson, who played the last two seasons with the Miami Heat and was undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft, reportedly agreed to a four-year deal worth $50 million, as confirmed by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

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The same report noted that Johnson will make a huge jump in his NBA salary after earning just about half a million last season with the Heat. The big contract is unlikely to be matched by Miami, who recently gave a max deal to top free agent center Hassan Whiteside and still waiting for Dwyane Wade’s decision.

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Other teams interested in Johnson were the Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans as also noted by Wojnarowski.

Johnson’s deal will be one of the most surprising deals this 2016 offseason with the salary cap rising for all NBA teams.

The 24-year-old shooting guard averaged 8.7 points, 3.0 rebounds, 2.2 assists in 24.0 minutes per game for the Heat last year. He also shot 38.0% from the three-point area.

Despite the low numbers, it looks like the Nets believe in his potential to be a legit starter for their team.

The Nets now form a potential starting backcourt of Tyler Johnson and Jeremy Lin, who was recently signed in the 2016 offseason.

Lin signed a three-year deal worth $36 million with the Nets. Brooklyn also signed power forward Trever Booker and center Justin Hamilton this summer.

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Jeremy Lin and Tyler Johnson will be among the Nets core players in the next few years along with star center Brook Lopez. Can Brooklyn improve next season with this line-up and challenge for a playoff spot?

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@RealTJohnson

  • Solomon Nwachukwu

    For all the talk JLin gave up finding a long term home, it looks like he bet on himself in a bigger way again. He goes to one of the few teams that he was basically assured of being the favorite for the starting PG job, with a Coaching staff that is likely to fit their plans around him … and he can get out after 2 years, when he will still be in his “prime” and potentially able to land another solid deal if all goes well. It sounds like if he had waited, he possibly could’ve gotten some more money, but I think this is a good situation for him. It seems like a solid deal for the Nets – some stability for them at the PG spot, and … probably, with the way the cap is rising, a movable contract (I guess depends on the size of the trade kicker) if they get a great deal for him.

    Sean Marks seems like he’s a smart enough dude to know that he’s not going to be able to address much this off-season. One wonders if they might try to snap up as many young 2nd tier guys, guys with some potential (Thinking a Harkless type here), or guys that fit roles well (say, a Leuer). It could be a fun, but frustrating team to watch, though … Lin running the floor with guys like LaVert, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Chris McCullough … could be a lot of fun at times, and Brook Lopez is probably happy to get a good PG in there.

    He had a good year in Charlotte and he should be thankful for that as it really helped rehabilitate him a bit after, well, Byron Scott.

    • spark spark

      I agree with just about everything you said. I think this is going to be a surprising team. Without the big egos, there’s going to be a lot of team. They have in Lin a great guy to run the show, distribute, and when need be, take over. With a good training camp and everyone on board, I think they’ll surprise a lot of teams. If Lin and Lopez stay healthy and a couple of other guys step up…could be some wow. I think they went after this other kid because it’s a low ego, lot to prove if I get a chance kind of kid. Paired with a like type in Lin, who has already shown lots of big chops, this could be a beautiful combo of enough experience with a potential star in the making. I’m liking this all personally.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      He should get at least $70m for 4 years based on his stats. When they pay you $70m for 4 years, you are automatically in the starter roster no doubt about that and you don’t need to discuss with the coach about that.

      • Keith Prano

        I agree that $36 millions for 3 years is a bit low. Especially after Nets to sign Tyler Johnson $50 millions for 4 years, with player option. I guess there is also a guaranteed starter clause for Lin, otherwise its super bargain.

        • Tuan Nguyen

          What guaranteed starter clause. There is no such thing on that. If Lin performs like Tyler Johnson, I guarantee you 100% Atkinson will bench Lin after about 10 regular games or so. Of course Lin will not perform like that; he will perform like he played as a starter PG in Charlot Hornets for 13 games; that is enough all star contender next year.

          • Lyla L

            I agree with you 100% Tuan. But I don’t see that happening either. JLin always gives it a 100% when he is on the court. With his talent and the caliber player that his is. He should be the starter PG for the Nets…no doubt about that. With the $ Tyler Johson is getting, he better be ready to back JLin up. I cannot believe he is getting paid more than JLin. Also, look at Parsons, 4 years $94 million, just unbelievable. JLin needs a new agent. They better offer him a long extension after 2 years. I hope JLin can finally call the Nets home. Being his diehard fan, I would hate to see him go to another team after another 2 years. He should hire Parsons agent. Look at the last 2 contracts that Chandler Parson’s got. My boy needs to fire his current agent. Business is business JLin….don’t be too nice. I truly believe that he could have gotten a lot more money this time around. When I saw the news on 7-1…I thought it was too LOW👎

          • HomeAttendant

            Are you being a little racist?

          • Tuan Nguyen

            What racist?

          • HomeAttendant

            I’ve read your previous comments. You think that Jeremy’s treatment by the NBA is racist. He should be paid more and should have is own team due to his superior performance.

            Don’t you think your behavior is just as racist? You are interested in Lin because he’s asian. And you focus on him exclusively because he’s asian. Is it possible that your perception of his performance is a little biased due to your ethnicity? Is it possible that you only see the good things that he’s done and forget the bad things that he’s done? For example, you state that Charlotte won against top teams when Kemba was injured and Lin played. That is true but it’s also true that Lin performed poorly in other games with those same top teams.

            You are being just as racist as the people that you criticize.

          • Hulkhoganbodyslam

            You know what stats are??now go look at jeremy stat compared to tyler

          • HomeAttendant

            Jeremy’s stats aren’t that great. His stats look great if you cherry pick them.

            Lin fans look at certain games in certain situations. For example, when Kemba was injured. And they say that Jeremy had great stats. They don’t realize that this is cherry picking. They claim, “No, we are looking at a specific condition when Jeremy was allowed to shine.” They must have never taken a statistics class because this is what happens when you cherry pick – you only look at situations which benefit your argument.

            Here is another example, they say that Lin scored X amounts in 10 minutes. If he played 30 minutes, he would have 3 x X. That’s distorting the numbers again so it fits in their view. They are so blind with prejudice that they don’t realize what they are doing.

          • waky wake

            Don’t mean to butt-in, but a position clause is not only a thing, they’re patched into contracts, in various ways all the time. Think legal document mind you, but with conditions and standards. At the end of the day, NBA contracts aren’t much different from ones covering other things. The signing parties can add or detract whatever they can agree upon. An NBA contract has only the additional burden of complying with established league rules, which as far as I am aware, do not cover team-of-player and player-of-team requirements in their contracts. !!!Go Lin!!! Can’t wait.

    • Hulkhoganbodyslam

      Great post. What we do know is that Jeremy overachieve for the rox and hornets. Jeremy got rod in playoff and hornets in playoff. The laker was the only team he could not help because of koME and Byron tanking. Don’t be surprise when nets squeak in the playoffs

  • Lyla L

    5 years for $80 would have been good for JLin.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      I agree.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    In this free agency, Jeremy Lin was listed as #2 best PG available after Conley. Rajon Rondo was listed #2; but because of his attitude, alot of teams wanted to not dealing with him. Another thing Rondo should not be #2 at the beginning because he failed to lead his team to playoff. I think that was the main reason King did not resign with him. Lin was one of key players for Charlotte Hornets last year to help Hornets to reach playoff and won 3 games in the playoff and he and Kemba were the key players in the playoff series. #2 rating behind Conley and got only 40% of Conely contract; that is a big failure in term of negotiating contract. He should have fired his agent. As a matter of fact, I think Lin was too honest and so super nice. Last year because of his low or peanut salary, sometimes he was treated like a dog low level player by Clifford and he knew that. For the Nets, if he performs well as a starter PG, then he will get the job for the whole season; otherwise they will trade him out for good. That is a fact. NO bs at all and I doubt Tyler Johnson has that kind of talent to beat Lin for a starter PG job.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    I can not wait to see him playing at Nets. I feel that he is going to play at the highest new level on his career and don’t be surprised “All Star contender”. Last year, analysts expected him to play well in the playoff and he did it.

    • HomeAttendant

      He played well enough to be considered an All Star?

      • Tuan Nguyen

        NO, well enough is not enough because PG is very competitive in allstar contender right now because you have to perform close to the level of Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry or Westbrook. Last year, Isaah Thomas was awesome; but he barely considered all star contender. Kemba Walker was good too; but not considered allstar contender. Last year when Lin started as a PG for Kemba injury, he beat every team including elite teams (cavilers, spurs, raptors, etc.). If he can do that again for the Nets for the first half of next season, no doubt he will be considered allstar contender.

  • fturla

    Okay hopefully for Jeremy Lin he can finally get a set roster rotating around him as was intended in 2013 in Houston prior to James Harden entering the mix over there. His new contract although much higher than his previous one is very reasonable and can make Jeremy Lin a very tempting target for other teams to trade for in the next three years. That is why the contract includes a trade kicker and incentives. The kicker should give him an extra 5% to 15% bonus if he is traded or likely over a million extra.
    I am hoping he does okay and can some how get past the three year mark on one team to be offered bids from his present team for bird rights that allow him to get an even larger contract somewhere north of 100 million. Please do not complain that this is unreasonable. There are so many new players and ones that played less than 10 minutes a game that have gotten well over 50 million to 100 million that a market bid for Jeremy Lin in the future over the 100 million range would be a value play again as the previous contracts have been.
    The Nets need at least one more post up player along with Brook Lopez, two good shooting perimeter combo guard players, and another back court 2-3 guard that can make there own plays for a team with Jeremy Lin to succeed.
    I believe a 2016-2017 Nets record somewhere between 25 and 35 wins is possible unless the management wants to tank which is unlikely since the Nets ownership character has not been as customer unfriendly as the Lakers and 76ers. Team play will definitely be slower than fast transition games but about the same pace as Charlotte Hornets games the past season. Since Jeremy Lin would prefer to pass, there will be a lot more opportunities for team mates to shine which makes the overall stats for the team much better.

  • Dondon Ampalaya

    Lin’s agent is not too good.


    I think Lin is happy where he is now – starting pg, nyc, a team with All-Star center with a lot of young and hungry talents around. Plus very supportive coach and GM. We all believe he will be at his best if he is true pg. 36M is a lot of money. If you think it is discount (i think it is) , it might not a bad thing. It is the time for him demonstrate his skills. Let the process and results to judge his true value.