Jeremy Lin the new starting point guard for the Dallas Mavericks next season?

Jeremy Lin the new starting point guard for the Dallas Mavericks next season?

The Dallas Mavericks want to reload their line-up and give Dirk Nowitkzki the last chance to contend for an NBA title next season. The Texas team is involved in NBA rumors this offseason, linking them to point guard free agents like Jeremy Lin with the starting PG spot available in Dallas.

Deron Williams, the previous starting PG in Dallas, has a player option worth about $5.6 million for the 2016-2017 season. The veteran is expected to opt out to search for a long-term deal in free agency.

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Without Williams, the Mavericks “need an upgrade at point guard”, notes Hoops Rumors, which suggests that Dallas should go after Jeremy Lin (Charlotte Hornets), Brandon Jennings (Orlando Magic) and Greivis Vasquez (Milwaukee Bucks), all of whom are expected to explore free agency this summer.

The same report adds that the Mavericks might also target other players from other positions like Eric Gordon (New Orleans Pelicans) or even Nicolas Batum (Charlotte Hornets), if they can offer the lucrative maximum contract.

Of the players mentioned, Jeremy Lin to Dallas makes the most sense since the Asian-American guard is in his prime and coming off a great year for the Hornets. Lin has also mentioned in previous interviews that he wants a major role and a starting spot with whichever team he signs in the 2016 offseason.

However, among the three free agent point guards, Lin will be the most expensive as he is looking for a long-term deal. Both Jennings and Vasquez will demand cheaper contracts.

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If Williams leaves Dallas, Lin can take over the starting spot and try to run a team featuring Dirk Nowitzki, Wesley Matthews and Chandler Parsons, if they re-sign him in free agency.

Jeremy Lin has options this summer with other teams reportedly interested in signing him. The veteran point guard is being linked to the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls, among other teams.

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  • LinFan17

    It is not a bad idea for Jeremy Lin to join Mavs.

    • waky wake

      I beg to differ fellow “Team Ball”, therefore Lin fan. If I’m Lin, I look at Cuban’s past treatment of players he deems not worthy. I’d also look at how after failing to sign DeAndre Jordan last off-season and having much more cap space in 2015, the Mavericks dropped him for ???Deron Williams??? No, if I’m Lin, I’m still thinking Brooklyn is my best bet destination. Yes the Nets have other holes to fill and team cohesion to develop before they can think about contending, but that means Lin can play a big part in structuring that cohesion and team chemistry. Dallas is a floundering and personality set team, with only one thing that should attract Lin and that’s Chandler Parsons. The Dirk is way past his prime and their other position starters are mediocre to second tier at best. Any contract Lin signs with Dallas is going to put all the power and control in the Mavericks’ front office/Cuban’s hands, which means at any time a so-called superstar can come available and the Maverick’s front office/Cuban can use Lin as a Piñata [AGAIN]. I like the idea of Lin and Parsons teaming up again, but I don’t think the risks Lin would have to take, out weighs the possible benefits. If Rose is traded, I think the Bulls are a safer bet for Lin, than Dallas. Then there’s the Bucks and Jason Kidd, or even the Spurs and Pop, if he can stand coming off the bench again.

      • Heyitslam

        I think Lin can be great in Dallas, but should not be his first choice. I think Spurs is is a better fit as far as playing in a team system, and with Parker dealing with injuries and Manu old, I think Lin can play an important role with the Spurs. I don’t think Bulls is a good choice either. Some other teams he should consider, Nets, Sixers, Grillz if Conley leave.

      • fturla

        Whether I agree or disagree with you, I like your way of thinking. Oh the possibilities. You are thinking as if you are on the front office staff.

        • waky wake

          Just looking at the available and obvious evidence out there sir. Although not of Asian descent, I root for this kid Lin, ‘cause he’s put in the work and has shown the dedication to deserve a chance to shine. As someone who is at least partially from a culture that was born playing this game and watched others have to struggle and work very hard to break in and just be taken seriously, I admire Lin. The fact that he’s a fellow believer, not withstanding. I have a base philosophy; “Look for the reason behind the reason and the true intent will be found there”. Because it’s usually not what is projected. Said mantra has served me well over these +50 years. In line with that, I would highly recommend Lin do the same, when dealing with NBA team owners, GMs and FO staffers. For most NBA teams, the head coach just coaches and has very little sway in which way the real power, [GMs and staff] goes, as for as player personnel is concerned. In other words !!! DON’T TRUST’EM, GET IT IN WRITING !!!

          • fturla

            Once again, I would like to say I like the way you think. It shows logical thought and you provide some backup to your line of thought. You are not just giving propaganda but giving composed thought.

  • Il|

    U do not join a team that just put you on a back burner a year ago

  • fturla

    Deron Williams is a good point guard but he has health problems that were never properly addressed when he was with the Nets. He still has those defects and even coming to Dallas his movement and rotational swings in his body will increase his likelihood to re-injure himself since he has not been taught to move his hips rather than his ankles and other parts of his lower body.
    His physical weaknesses have never been tended too so he has never been able to learn other skill sets that mobile point guards should do. He is big so he can somewhat bully his way into post position but when he turns to set himself that is the crucial time he gets injured.
    What is strange is that Dallas has been successful recently slowing the game down and winning games down the stretch with defense. Does this play style reduce the chances of Deron Williams getting injured? No idea. He will likely opt to become a free agent and try to get someone to pay him over 10 million per year but would a team be willing to take a player that may just play 60 of the 82 games in the regular season? If you can get him for under 7 million and not rely on him as a starting point guard then he would be a good roster filler.
    Jeremy Lin may directly or indirectly benefit from the Deron Williams situation simply by letting another team evaluate whether he can fill a hole in the roster line up if a point guard spot becomes open. Lin is at least marginally better than Williams because he can stay healthy, play extended minutes, switch off into other positions, and rotate out to defend. Most of these points have become more difficult for Deron Williams for some reason that he needs to explain this to possible suitors.

    • waky wake

      Right, right, right and right. It’s strange to me that most pundits don’t seem to have picked up on those points. I was puzzled by the bidding war that erupted for Williams when he left the Jazz. Back then, they had him on par with Chris Paul. I just didn’t see it that way, but hey. I remember thinking, I’m just a fan and must be missing something. Evaluations and physiques of Chris Paul and Mike Conley are also questionable to me. I past by Paul once in an airport a few years back. They have him listed at 6′, “no freak’n way” is Paul 6′. Having shrunk an inch and a half over the years, I now stand a measly 5’9″ and Paul was within eye level range for me, certainly no more than an couple of inches taller at absolute best. He has a very good stroke from outside, but I don’t see it as deadly, or dramatically better than Lin’s. He is an excellent penetrator, but so is Lin. He is a supremely gift facilitator and tactician though. I put Lin a level or two behind him there, but getting better each season. Another thing. For a guy his size, he has relatively large hands and I believe that helps him maintain control of the ball. Lin on the other hand has average sized hands at best for his size, ergo a higher turnover rate. Conley, well he’s Paul, with a lighter frame and that makes him more susceptible to injury. Like Paul, he has a very good outside jumper, has superior ball control and can penetrate very effectively. And like Paul, is an outstanding floor general. Lin could learn a thing or two from those guys, but so could most of the rest of the starting PGs around the league. Some will bring up Rondo, I won’t. All I can say about Rondo is, he’d better resign for as much as he can get on this contract with the Kings.

      • fturla

        Yes, true. Any person switching jobs always risks performance issues. Ty Lawson and Rajon Rondo are good examples.

  • Alan

    My rumor is that Lin will keep on buzzing and stinging as a Hornet.