Jeremy Lin wrong decision? Brooklyn Nets expected to be the worst team in the East

Jeremy Lin wrong decision? Brooklyn Nets expected to be the worst team in the East

The Brooklyn Nets tried their best to get valuable starters in the 2016 offseason but settled for Jeremy Lin in free agency. In their latest prediction article, ESPN ranks Lin’s Nets as the worst team in the East and expected the Cleveland Cavalier to once again rule the conference.

The Nets signed Lin to a three-year deal worth $36 million and attempted to acquire Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe with offer sheets of huge contracts. However, the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers, respectively, matched the offers and retained their restricted free agents.

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Here’s ESPN team standings prediction for next season for the Eastern Conference:

1. Cavs – 57-25
2. Celtics – 51-31
3. Raptors – 51-31
4. Pistons – 45-37
5. Pacers – 45-37
6. Hawks – 44-38
7. Hornets – 43-49
8. Wizards – 41-41
9. Knicks – 40-42
10. Bulls – 40-42
11. Bucks – 39-43
12. Heat – 36-46
13. Magic – 35-47
14. Sixers – 20-62
15. Nets – 20-62

The Nets will enter the new NBA season with just two starting quality players in center Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin. Expected to start at the forwards spot in Brooklyn are Trevor Booker and Bojan Bogdanovic with Rondae Hollis-Jefferson at the shooting guard spot.

The Nets have some depth at the PG spot with free agent signings Greivis Vasquez and Randy Foye. However, it looks like they are not good enough to battle for a playoff spot in the competitive Eastern Conference next season.

“Despite mainstay Brook Lopez and Linsanity hitting Brooklyn, the Nets are projected to drop a win, according to our panel. The Nets had the second-worst defensive efficiency last season, and offensive-minded additions like Lin, Luis Scola and Greivis Vasquez aren’t going to help matters,” the article speculated about the Nets’ performance for the new NBA season.

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The Nets went 21-61 last season for second-worst record in the East. The ESPN prediction has them winning just 20 wins in the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Did Jeremy Lin make the correct decision in joining the lowly Brooklyn Nets in the 2016 offseason? Or will the Asian-American guard prove that he can lead this team to success next season?

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  • Howard Liao

    7. Hornets – 43-49 Something says about this article.


    Not worry. Lin has made the best choice he had – starting PG and the coach who believes him. Go Nets!

  • Ray B

    Superficial predictions are tiresome. Too lazy to dig, study tape, stats and cohesiveness. SMH. These turkeys predicted the Hornets would finish 14 in the East last year.

    • LinFan17

      And it ended up with 43. The different of 29 should be honored to Jeremy Lin.

  • Dondon Ampalaya

    Linsanity happened when Melo got injured and he was left with a capable big man in Chandler.

  • james

    Those outrageous predictions serve as a foil to Linsanity 2.0.

  • norah mackenzie

    who cares abt linsanity? as long as he has a chance to start in a new place with a coach who at least respects him and trusts him I am sure that jeremy lin will do well

    • LinFan17

      I believe Jeremy joins Brooklyn Nets never expect to win the championship anyway. As long as Jeremy Lin can bring his Boy Scout team to play good games, we are all happy and appreciate the Boy Scout hard working performance. This is also to test how good is Jeremy Lin.
      We just want to see good games played by the Boy Scout team.

      • norah mackenzie

        i think that as long as he is respected and happy there – that is fine but knowing how tough he is i am sure he will want to win

        • LinFan17

          Jeremy Lin would love to receive the challenge.