‘Just like Mike:’ LeBron James says a dream is to own an NBA team too

‘Just like Mike:’ LeBron James says a dream is to own an NBA team too

LeBron James acknowledges that he will be compared to NBA legend Michael Jordan in terms of accomplishments and everything including a dream of owning an NBA team someday.

But James explained that the only thing that differs him from Jordan is that he gives credit to his teammates. The 31-year old Ohio native did not want to disgrace Jordan but noted that aside from Jordan, his teammates also deserve the credit for the six championship rings they had with the Bulls.

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James has always stated that he looks up to Jordan during as his childhood idol and to be compared to him is just overwhelming. But he does not want to stay in the shadows of Jordan. He rather wants to create his own destiny in the NBA.

Appearing on a podcast titled “Open Run,”  which partnered with James’ “Uninterrupted,” he explains of a dream also of owning an NBA team someday.

James narrated that he wants to share his knowledge of the game. And he sees this if he gets a chance to own his own NBA team. He explains that he would hire the best GM and president he could find. James noted that if that happens, he would be the team’s scout, saying that he has a “good eye” not only for talent.

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To be compared to Jordan is already an accomplishment that James recognizes. James wants to get out of the shadows of his childhood idol and be able to venture his own destiny. He may always be compared to Jordan but James will always be James. James has to think outside of the box to be able to elude the ghost of Jordan.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr