Lakers Draft Rumors: Kris Dunn eyed as D’Angelo Russell’s wingman, poses future problem for Jordan Clarkson?

Lakers Draft Rumors: Kris Dunn eyed as D’Angelo Russell’s wingman, poses future problem for Jordan Clarkson?

The Los Angeles Lakers are focusing on rebuilding the team as they are now in the post Kobe Bryant era and as they will be picking second overall in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft. Rumors are swirling that the Lakers are looking at Kris Dunn, who could very well be paired with D’Angelo Russell but also will cause problems for the possible re-signing of restricted free agent Jordan Clarkson.

The 22-year old point guard out of Providence College has gotten the attention of the Lakers, which is currently in transition of building a strong backcourt that could hold next season and Dunn is reportedly part of the equation. Dunn could provide a solid three-guard rotation and a deadly combo with Russell.

Cody Williams of Fansided describes Dunn as a versatile player who has the ability to score, space out plays for his teammates and help his team on both ends of the floor. With his size at 200 lbs. he could very well be an impact in the professional league. But with the Dunn-Russell future backcourt for the Lakers, Jordan Clarkson’s position on the team is now hanging in the balance.

Clarkson, who has a base salary of $845,059 has opted out of his contract to try to get a bigger pay, thus it will be up for the Lakers to match his previous contract worth $1.3 million for two years or will the 22-years old San Antonio native will start listening to offers from other teams. Clarkson has already stated that he would want to stay and play with the Lakers even to the point of working out with his defense so that it could balance his offense.

“It really impacts it a lot,” Clarkson told in a phone interview when asked about how the hiring affects his free-agency decision. “That style of play fits me, as well as the other guys. I definitely want to stay here in L.A. and be here. I said in my exit interview, I don’t want to be that guy who bounces around from team to team.

“I want to be here in L.A. — a place where I can call home — and leave a legacy. The hiring makes it even better.”

Lakers legend Magic Johnson has already voiced out that with the Philadelphia 76ers taking the top pick going into the draft in Brooklyn, the Lakers should focus now on taking either Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram.

But the Lakers are widening their prospective search as they are also taking into consideration the upcoming free agency season. The Lakers have a $60 million and contracts to space out to complete their rebuilding process, which includes a courting process with Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside and DeMar DeRozan.

Photo Courtesy: Kris Dunn News @KrisDunnNews/Twitter