Lakers Rumors: D’Angelo Russell for Jahlil Okafor or 2016 NBA Draft pick?

Lakers Rumors: D’Angelo Russell for Jahlil Okafor or 2016 NBA Draft pick?

The Los Angeles Lakers are ready to give up point guard prospect D’Angelo Russell for a top pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. The latest Lakers rumors has Russell available in the trade market as the Los Angeles squad have brought in multiple rookie prospects for workouts in preparation for the rookie draft scheduled next week.

ESPN NBA draft expert Chad Ford claims that the Lakers are set on picking Brandon Ingram as the No. 2 pick. However, he claims that the “Lakers have explored other options” and that it is likely that L.A. is trying to get another top draft pick and that could cost them D’Angelo Russell.

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Lakers rumors has D’Angelo Russell available ever since he “snitched” on teammate Nick Young during the 2015-2016 season. There are reports that Russell is now not liked in the Lakers’ locker room and that players want him out of L.A.

The top five picks in the 2016 NBA Draft belong to the Philadelphia 76ers, Lakers, Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s not clear which team will the Lakers deal Russell to if they want a top five pick since the Sixers won’t trade their top pick for Russell and the Celtics, Suns and Timberwolves are already set at the point guard position.

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However, there are talks that the Sixers want to give up either Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel. The Lakers need front court help and either player can shore up their frontline. A one-for-one trade between Okafor for Russell, or Noel for Russell, is possible as Philadelphia wants a starting point guard.

Russell being involved in Lakers rumors is not surprising as they also have Jordan Clarkson at the point guard position. Clarkson is a free agent but the Lakers can match any contract offered by any other NBA teams this summer.

  • Bruce Norbeck

    If I’m Philly, Russell by himself isn’t going to get the trade done. I’d much rather trade with Phoenix — Okafor & maybe a pick or player for the #4. Maybe Phoenix would take him straight-up. The Suns could use an offensive big in the low post, they’ve got Chandler to cover the rim, & there’s an excellent chance Dunn would still be there at #4 for Philly, so this seems like a win-win to me.

    But of course, if Okafor could play defense nobody would be talking about this trade at all, & if he gets traded & then learns to play defense, Philly would regret that forever. This is not an outside possibility; he does have the footwork to play low-post defense, he just needs to learn how to do it & how to commit to it, & if can get those concepts down, he would be a superstar. Nerlens Noel is the better overall player *now* I’m not sure if he’s got much more progression in him, while Okafor has not reached anywhere near his ceiling.

    • ChicagoWeOn


    • John Gates

      Kris Dunn has very little chance of ever being better than D’angelo Russell. Why would the Sixers want to give up more for an inferior player?

  • Realhiphopsearch

    We in Philly don’t want the Lakers reject
    Plus he’s a snitch that only shot a pathetic 41% from the floor
    We will pass
    He has more fluff than stuff

    Okafor is and will be a beast
    But its not being being recognized
    But it will be regretted if they get rid of him

    I might consider noel for russell and I only consider that cause noel will be wanting a max contract in near future

    Okafor averaged 1.5 blocks not bad
    Work on that court awareness and weak side help defense and offense be more of play maker instead of just taking it himself all the time and he will be alright

    • Mike

      Agreed with what you said about Okafor needing to work on help D, and passing the ball more on offense. I don’t see why the rush to move him, the Sixers aren’t winning anything (besides hopefully a few more games) this season, let the pieces play together and see what works and what doesn’t.

  • vasteeler

    philly will regret trading okafor and not selecting ingram, who is more of a proven player than simmons