Lakers Rumors: Jahlil Okafor to Los Angeles? Sixers big man offered to 15 NBA teams

Lakers Rumors: Jahlil Okafor to Los Angeles? Sixers big man offered to 15 NBA teams

NBA rumors state that the Philadelphia 76ers are exploring trades for their big man, Jahlil Okafor, who is reportedly being offered to about 15 teams in recent days and this might include the Los Angeles Lakers, who are looking to shore up their frontline next season.

The Sixers are one of the active teams at this point of their offseason with reports of a deal with the Atlanta Hawks in a trade involving Sixers forward Nerlens Noel and Hawks point guard Jeff Teague.

- Advertisement - reported the possible Noel-Teague swap and mentioned that Okafor is also “shopping” the big man around the league and get the possible “best deal” for their rookie.

Okafor was one of the top rookies last year averaging 17.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game in the regular season. However, the return of Joel Embiid from injury in the 2016-2017 NBA Season could be one of the reasons why Okafor is on the trading block for the Sixers.

Philadelphia also owns the top overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft and are expected to get a new franchise player in Australian forward Ben Simmons, who stated in recent interviews that he has no problem playing for the Sixers.

Philadelphia has options in exploring Okafor for trades and one of the possible trade partners are the Lakers.

L.A. has lots of assets to trade in their roster and this includes the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. It’s not clear if the Lakers are willing to trade away their second overall pick but they also have other trade pieces in Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell and free agent Jordan Clarkson, if he agrees to a sign-and-trade.

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  • 1 time man

    Chillin… There are plenty of free agent centers that we could sign. Why give up a starting SF for a guy a year older? I take my chances with Ingram

  • De Fu-Ski

    The Lakers made a mistake last year taking Russell when Okafor was and has proven to be the better player. Now they have a chance to fix that misstep by trading for Okafor which will make the Lakers more attractive to free agents like Durrent.

    • Jwayne

      How is Okafor going to make it attractive for free agents? Durant doesn’t give a damn about some rookie who already has injury issues. He’s going to stay unless it’s to either A: Go Home to Washington B: Go to a Real Contender like the Warriors or C: Go somewhere with history like the Lakers or Celtics.

  • JWayne

    I’ll pass on Okafor. I’d rather have Ingram and whoever else we have. Randle has proven to at least be a hard worker and he doesn’t get in bar fights. No way would I give up Russell for Okafor when I could sign Whiteside, Ezeli, Horford, or a few others who are head and shoulders better than Okafor.