Miami Heat News: Heat rebuilding process starts with trading Chris Bosh to Wizards and Goran Dragic to Kings?

Heat rebuilding process starts trading Chris Bosh to Wizards and Goran Dragic to Kings?

With no Dwyane Wade and no Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat could fail spectacularly this season and a trade might best suit them to start rebuilding. Trade rumors suggest the Heat make use of Chris Bosh and Goran Dragic as bargaining chips.

The proposed deal will involve the Heat, the Washington Wizards, and the Sacramento Kings. In the trade, the Heat will send Bosh and Briante Weber to the Washington Wizards. Aside from that the Heat also sends Dragic to the Kings.

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Bosh has always demanded that he wants to return to active duty despite his lung blood clot. Despite advises from the Heat’s medical team, Bosh insists that his medical condition could be stabilized with new blood thinners. Since Bosh insists on playing, the Heat might as well trade him to get something out of his predicament.

In return, the Heat would receive John Wall, Rudy Gay, and Ben McLemore. The Heat would want to rebuild their team around Hassan Whiteside. With the deal, the Heat gets a solid point guard, shooting guard and shooting forward. It will give back the Heat a playoff run as they address the losses they had during the summer.

Aside from getting solid assets, the Heat frees themselves from hefty contracts with Bosh and Dragic. Getting more cap space would give the Heat the ideal budget to land more pieces before the Feb. deadline or in next year’s free agency season.

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For the Kings, they get another solid playmaker in Dragic and they also get a bench option in Otto Porter. They are not game changers but at least they get to help improve the horrible roster that the Kings have now.

The deal is plausible and would give the Heat the chance to improve their roster at the same time for other teams to gain assets. Teams have until the trade deadline to make a move of some assets to improve their respective roster. The Heat might want to explore the trade not only to improve but also get a chance at a playoff spot.

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