Michael Carter-Williams Trade: Bucks willing to send back PG to 76ers’ Nik Stauskas?

Michael Carter-Williams Trade: Bucks willing to send back PG to 76ers’ Nik Stauskas?

The Philadelphia 76ers simply has too many big men and the log jam will simply slow them down. Rumors suggest that the 76ers engage the Milwaukee Bucks in getting Michael Carter-Williams for Nik Stauskas.

Carter-Williams has battled injuries throughout his NBA career and is one thing that brings doubt to any team willing to take him. But once healthy Carter-Williams is one scoring machine a team can depend on. He could finish a game with decent numbers and if the trade would take place he is no stranger to the 76ers.

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Carter-Williams was the 11th overall pick by the 76ers back in 2013 and during his tenure had a great contribution to the team. As a 76ers, Carter-Williams averaged 15 points, 7.4 assists and 6.2 rebounds per game. Coming home to the 76ers will surely fire up Carter-Williams again as he could effectively spread the floor and involved its big men.

However, Stauskas is someone who people may take for granted but he powers his way coming off the 76ers bench. The 22-year-old Canadian brings a respectable 8.5 points, 1.9 assists and 2.5 rebounds per game. What is good with Stauskas is that he is still in a rookie deal meaning he is not so expensive to take and would help the Bucks in the cap as well.

The only advantage that Carter-Williams has over Stauskas is defense but that could be developed through the course of the season. Many see the Bucks as a good place for Stauska to further develop his career under Jason Kidd.

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Many teams in the NBA would not try to move assets as the preseason has already started. But it could be interesting to see if both the 76ers and the Bucks would reconsider this deal. It is no secret the 76ers need mobility and point guards to execute plays. But if both teams are already fixed with their respective rosters, they should not bother exploring this trade.

Photo Courtesy: Philadelphia 76ers/Flickr

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