NBA 2K17: Steph Curry overrated; too good to be true?

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry is not only breaking shooting records, but he is also breaking game criteria. This came as developers of the NBA 2K17 stated that they have done so much to give justice to what the two-time MVP has accomplished.

Game developer Rob Jones told Clutch Point that they still had some issues on digitalizing Curry aside from developing also his skills for the game. Jone noted that they found it hard to put in place Curry’s overwhelming skills with that of his character in the game. He noted with all the accomplishments that Curry did, it took them time to develop special criteria just for him.

“I’m sure you’ve seen Kevin Durant at summer pickup games. And he’s shooting just from the same spots Curry shoots from,” says Jones. “But he would never do the same in the NBA. Curry has his own criteria and it took us some work to get Steph where he is.”

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But with Curry and Kevin Durant in one team many question the fairness of how other teams would go against the Warriors in the game. But like in real life, many gamers see this as a challenge on how to come up with a solution to beat a “super team.”

Slam on Line noted that many bothered by the skills and abilities that Curry’s character brings into the game. Many called it unfairly to other gamers, but it is an obstacle that even teams in real life are trying to solve now that he teams up with Durant.

With the different accomplishments that Curry had in the NBA, it is not surprising that game developers would want to give justice to it. Gamers will have to find ways in beating Curry and Durant, but getting past those characters will pose another obstacle, how about Klay Thompson’s shooting?

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It would seem game developers are trying to ride the trend that Curry and the Warriors are on their way for another championship run. That is if the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James could find a solution on how to stop him.

Many say Curry’s character is too good as true. But what are the odds that Curry’s skills does not show off what he has done in the league?

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