NBA Draft Rumor: With Kris Dunn withholding medical history, Lakers decides to go for Brandon Ingram?

NBA Draft Rumor: With Kris Dunn withholding medical history, Lakers decides to go for Brandon Ingram?

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to fortify its backcourt as they are looking at Providence’s Kris Dunn but withholding medical history makes them doubt if he is still worth the pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Rumors are swirling that with that, the Lakers are now contemplating on taking in Brandon Ingram instead.

The Lakers are in a rebuilding process and part of that process is to combine the upcoming stars and its veteran lineup to solidify its roster as they are in the post-Kobe Bryant transition. The Lakers have early stated that they are looking at Dunn to team up with its point guard D’Angelo Russell but with his medical history being withheld puts him at risk on not being drafted. Prior to draft day, LSU’s Ben Simmons and Duke’s Ingram have been seen as the top prize rookies for this year.

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Philadelphia 76ers, which secured the top pick from the NBA Lottery, is contemplating either they will go for Simmons or Ingram. But the Lakers are seriously considering Ingram on their list as they will be picking second.  Dunn could be picked by either the Boston Celtics of the Phoenix Suns, but both teams want to get a hand on hid medical records before they decide on the draft. Dunn was reported to have undergone a shoulder surgery and miss the rest of his sophomore season with the Friars after playing four games.

However, Dunn’s agent does not want to give any information on his medical records making his chances of playing in the NBA in the balance. Ben Rohrbach reports that by not wanting to play for the Celtics or Suns, Kris Dunn would be giving up $5.4 million on his rookie deal from 3rd pick to 5th.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported that teams would want to see the medical records for them to make the necessary decision decisions, but with the way things are going, the most likely scenario for Dunn would be he would be drafted and traded to other teams.

“People are gonna want to see those (medical reports) to make a decision on him,” Wojnarowski said, as transcribed by CelticsBlog. “And now his group is gonna maybe be able to control this process and get him to a place where a team is gonna trade up into No. 3 or 4 for him. (His agents) can’t stop them from drafting Dunn, but will those teams do it without his medical records, without a personal workout, without an interview with him?”

With the Lakers on the waiting and guessing game on whom the 76ers will pick, the Lakers are looking at the possibility of trading their first pick for Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins could give the Lakers a steady center and enforcer inside the paint since Shaquille O’Neal. The Lakers had Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum and Roy Hibbert, but all prove futile in match O’Neal’s performance.

Now with the draft pick in their hands, the Lakers are playing the dictating role and with the power to trade their pick, Cousins may find a new home going into the next season, but the next question will he be able to work well with Walton and the rest of the coaching staff of the Lakers?

Let the mind games begin.

Photo Courtesy: Kris Dunn News @KrisDunnNews/Twitter