NBA Draft Rumors: Lakers choosing Dragan Bender over Brandon Ingram if 76ers pick Ben Simmons


Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the NBA draft prospect Dragan Bender who is reportedly targeted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the upcoming 2016 NBA draft.

The Croatian 7-footer Dragan Bender can be a big revelation in the 2016 NBA draft. According to a previous report, the New York Knicks’ past decision to pick Kristaps Porzingis can affect several NBA team’s picks in the July 23rd event. Way back in last year’s NBA draft, when Porzingis was drafted by the Knicks, the crowds were booing all over the place. They were thinking that Porzingis do not deserve the fourth overall pick. Something that the 7-foot-3 center did not take personally and proved them wrong in the recent season.

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Same things may happen in the upcoming NBA draft. The Lakers, who are second overall, may take risks in picking Dragan Bender. Though various NBA mock drafts say that Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram will be on the 1st and 2nd spot, it does not mean that this will exactly happen during the NBA draft. The fans have the right to choose their preferred player but the team owners and coaches undergo an intensive study and deliberation in choosing the right player for their team.

According to Lakers Nation, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak was in Israel this past March to scout Dragan Bender. Kupchak stated that the Lakers are in need of a big man and added that they already have a steady line up in the backcourt.

“If you look at our depth chart, you can make an argument that we need a player in the frontcourt,” Kupchak said via “We need a big. Jordan is a free agent and we’d like to sign him. D’Angelo, we’re very high on, and we have Lou Williams. I think we’re more set in the backcourt than the frontcourt. Two days after the Lottery, that’s where we are. In six weeks, we’ll see.”

If the Philadelphia 76ers pass on Ben Simmons, there is a greater possibility that the Lakers will grab him. However, if it is between Brandon Ingram and Dragan Bender, the Lakers will be facing a tough decision since this will be a huge factor in their team’s future in the league.

Photo courtesy: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Video courtesy: Youtube/DraftExpress

  • MK617

    YOUR NUTS!!, Hes good, but don’t see him going before Ingram or Simmons. Hes a top 10 pick at best. Lakers have the easiest draft this year. PICK WHO THE SIXERS DONT. Its a win win, no possible way for the Lakers to blow it this year in the draft.

  • Alex Amerling

    Misleading headline. The idiot who wrote the article on Laker Nation was arguing that we could and should take Bender not that we will. Mitch would be nuts to pass on Ingram. I think we get Brandon Ingram at 2. I don’t want to risk a #2 pick on a potential Darko Milicic 2.0

  • J Bird

    Ingram is a big man at 6’9 and there is no evidence backing up this article. Blah blah blah

  • GeMelle Fowler

    This is a poorly written article. I’m assuming English isn’t the author’s first language. This draft is known as a two player and then others draft. Now supposedly the Lakers might draft a power forward even though they have two young ones in Randle and Nance Jr.? Yeah right.

  • Sam

    This would be a nightmare if the Lakers picked Bender. It’s like picking Darko over Melo (since Ingram is a dynamic scorer like Melo).

    • Lee Washington

      Please take Bender,,,
      We trade Okafor to Boston,,,
      We end up with Simmons AND Ingram,,,

      Sixer fan,,,