NBA Draft Rumors: Lakers decide to pick Brandon Ingram even if 76ers pass on Ben Simmons

NBA Draft Rumors: Lakers decide to pick Brandon Ingram even if 76ers pass on Ben Simmons

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers who are reportedly serious in taking Brandon Ingram in the upcoming 2016 NBA draft even if the Philadelphia 76ers pass on Ben Simmons.

In different NBA mock drafts made by several sports websites, Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram still remain on the first and second spot respectively. Though many are expecting the Philadelphia 76ers to pick Simmons, there are rumors that they are also interested with Jamal Murray. However, things are different with the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems like they are already serious in taking Brandon Ingram no matter what happens.

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According to Kevin Ding of the Bleacher Report, Brandon Ingram will be having a private workout on Thursday with the Lakers. The team wants to have an up close and personal look at the freshman forward before the 2016 NBA draft. Ingram has been frequently compared to Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant because of his physique.

Brandon Ingram may not be as good as Kevin Durant right now but he has shown enough reasons on how he would be a good fit with Los Angeles Lakers. Ingram is a good shooter having 41 percent beyond the arc. The Lakers desperately need a shooter that can be a threat on the perimeter, especially in the post-Kobe Bryant era. He is also a good defender. Standing 6’9 and having a wide wingspan, he can be a great addition in the Lakers’ defensive end.

“Normally when I wake up it’s straight to the gym,” said Ingram during an interview with Draft Express about his pre-draft process. “Probably about 6:30 I’ll get some shots up, probably run on the treadmill and then just wait for another workout. We work out at a gym about 10 or 20 minutes from where we live and we’re in there for probably half of the day.”

Brandon Ingram will be a great addition to the Lakers’ young cores, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. With Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr. at the power forward position, coach Luke Walton is expected to assign him at the small forward position. If he continues to improve as the NBA draft draws near, there is a higher possibility that he will be the next franchise player for Los Angeles Lakers.

Photo courtesy: bikeride/Wikimedia Commons

  • Richard Mejia

    Sorry, but I have to call B.S. on a couple of points here. 1st off, there’s no way Philly passes on both, Simmons AND Ingram, regardless of how much they might like Murray. If anything, they’d be looking at Murray should they trade one of their current assets (Okafor or Noel) for another high lottery pick. Secondly, on the remote chance they did, (seriously though, not even Philly is that stupid ) I just don’t see the Lakers passing on Simmons for ANYBODY, regardless of fit or how much they like Ingram. Again, it won’t matter because even if Simmons was available at #2, that would only mean that Philly took Ingram at #1. Just stop with these ridiculous articles. I understand that the writer might have a deadline to meet, but c’mon, man! You can do better than that.

  • JohnnyNite

    Sure Hope Sixers PASS ON SIMMONS…!!!

    Ben Simmons is a TOTAL DON’T DO THIS who right now is locked away in some gym at the end of the world somewhere trying to learn how to HIT A JUMPER..

    Don’t people ask themselves, why is Ben Simmons the only top prospect who hasn’t worked out yet…?? Why wouldn’t he go to the NIT…??

    Ben Simmons is an ESPN MASS MEDIA creation used to promote the 2015-16 college season whose performances and stats against a weak SEC are right up there with any CLASSIC D LEAGUE game ever played..

    Seriously, Sixers are going to use a 1 pick to draft a guy because they think he’s a good passer…??? Have people gone GOOFY..??

    This like when YES is NO and NO is YES.. When BAD is GOOD and nobody can see what’s right before their eyes…

    Ben Simmons is an average run of the mill college player who inflated his stats in SEC DUNK FESTS two feet and in to the basket…

    Sixers already got a whole lot of players who can’t shoot the ball… Don’t need NO MORE…!!!