NBA Free Agency: Jazz targets Luol Deng, Solomon Hill

NBA Free Agency: Jazz targets Luol Deng, Solomon Hill

The Utah Jazz is doing a safe mode in the coming free agency season as they will not go after those players who would eat up their cap space, rather the Jazz is focusing on all-around players such as Luol Deng of the Miami Heat and Solomon Hill of the Indiana Pacers.

Deng, 31, is an unrestricted free agent and if the Jazz could come to terms with him, they might be able to snag him from other teams, even from the Heat. Deng carries with him 12 years of experience enough to lead a young group of players that the Jazz has. This season with the Heat, Deng averages 12.3 points, 1.9 assist and 6.0 rebounds per game.

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The Jazz is looking for someone to not only score but could also be a leader in and out of the court. Deng has those qualities as evident of his stints with the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and with the Heat as well. His leadership would earn him a two-time NBA All-Star and be a member of the NBA All-Defensive team as well.

As a free agent, Deng has a cap hit of $10.15 million and with the increase in the salary cap, he could be on his way of getting a hefty paycheck. The Heat is also trying to re-sign him, but with a $40 million cap space and with other players of the team in free agency, they will have trouble accounting their cap space before the start of the new season.

Thus, it is a good opportunity for the Jazz to make their move and present their intentions for them to sign Deng. He would be a great addition to their roster wherein the Jazz are not only thinking of short term, which will also favor Deng in the process.

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Aside from Deng, the Jazz is also looking at Solomon Hill. The 25-year old small forward could play solid minutes with the Jazz and give them the needed rebounder and additional rim protector as well. The Pacers declined his $2.3 million club option for next season and could be of use in the Jazz roster.

Free agency will formally start on July 1 and teams are closing their preparation as it will be a very busy day. But for the Jazz they just want to keep a low profile of things, they just wanted to pursuit players whom they think would best suit their system. Both Deng and Hill seem the perfect fit for what they are looking for to boost their chances in the coming new season.