NBA Free Agency: Kevin Durant re-signing with OKC Thunder this summer?

NBA Free Agency: Kevin Durant re-signing with OKC Thunder this summer?

With the accomplishment that the Oklahoma City Thunder had this post season, rumors are swirling that Kevin Durant will most likely stay and re-sign with the team and make another run this coming season.

The Thunder lost against defending champion Golden State Warriors in a grueling seven-game series but it showed the kind of talent and skills that Durant brings into the game alongside his buddy Russell Westbrook. Most likely scenario with the Durant free agency is that he would agree to sign a two-year deal with the team with a player option on the second year and it is rumored to be valued at $25.9 million. As rumors of Durant opting out of his contract to listen to other teams this summer, according to Bobby Marks of The Vertical, the Thunder win over the San Antonio Spurs was the turning point for Durant to decide to stay with the Thunder for another season.

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ESPN reported that Durant is hoping to strike the deal that will also have Westbrook on the same page as the dynamic duo aims to go back to free agency by 2017, where the real deals will be a strike. This news brings gloomy days ahead for teams in pursuit of Durant that includes the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, and the Warriors. All of them are hoping to present an intriguing offer that could possibly make Durant rethink of his options.

This means that if Durant takes on a short-term deal, he would be eligible for a five-year maximum contract, which will probably hurt the Thunder in terms of salary cap by 2017 and thus giving a slight opening for teams to explore and for sure they have already given it a thought and plan on how to make their offer attractive to the 2014 MVP.

Durant’s agent, Rich Kleiman, told Marc Spears of The Undefeated that Durant wants to win a championship with the Thunder, but plans of making a move this summer will also depend on Westbrook’s decision.

“He loves this team and wants to win in Oklahoma as bad as anybody. They had an incredible run. They are as good as anybody in the league. They have a championship roster. Kevin is going to win his championship any year now. It just motivates him more. He’s locked in right now. We will just let him feel how he feels tonight and keep talking, keep building,” Kleiman said.

Durant for his part stated that he is in no rush to make any decision and will just have to settle in first with reality and then talk with people close to him for advice on the next best step to make. He has no concern for the free agency as he just wants to rest for awhile before going into the next order of business.

“We will figure it out. I will talk to my agent, my best friend, and my dad. Just talk to those three guys and get some advice from other people. But for the most part, I will talk to them in the next couple of weeks. I don’t even know where my mind is right now. I can’t think about what is going to happen in a month. I’m just thinking about what we’ve all been through as a team and embrace my brothers right now,” Durant explained.

Thus, it will likely be a very busy summer for Durant as he and his agent together with people close to him discussing on which options would be best for him while teams have exactly a month to prepare their offer sheets to be able to lure the 27-year old Durant to their roster for next season.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr