NBA Free Agency Rumor: Joel Bolomboy out to impress Celtics for no. 3 pick?

NBA Free Agency Rumor: Joel Bolomboy out to impress Celtics for no. 3 pick?

With Kris Dunn opting not be drafted by either the Boston Celtics or Phoenix Suns, now both teams will have someone to fight for as Joel Bolomboy impressed team scouts during the NBA Combine and thus drawing much interest on the 22-year old Weber State standout.

Sherrod Blakely, who covers the Celtics, tells that Bolomboy will have a workout with the Celtics and the team is excited about what the young Ukrainian can offer and will be a gauge for them to look if he is worth the overall third pick in the coming NBA Draft on June 23.

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Listed as a power forward/center, Bolomboy’s six-foot-nine height earned him the Big Sky Conference Player of the Year in 2016. Aside from a strong rebounder, he also increased his scoring average in the 2015–16 season, averaging 17.9 points per game to go along with 12.8 rebounds per game.

Following the season, Bolomboy was named first-team All-Big Sky Conference, as well as the league’s Player of the Year and Defensive player of the year. In his 30 games played in the NCAA, Bolomboy averages a total of 17.1 points with 12.6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks and steals, respectively. With the numbers he is putting out, the Celtics could have found themselves an enforcer inside the paint who could be of good help on their centers namely Tyler Zeller and David Lee.

It seems Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is looking at the possible franchise player in Bolomboy as he told CBS Local that the team’s top honchos are looking for something to happen quickly and changes that would bring back the team to being a contender. He adds that the coming summer will be a fun and exciting one as the Celtics looks to rebuild its form on becoming a title contender with a pool of young and talented players.

“Right now, we’re trying to become a better team as fast as we can without selling out. We want to become a more significant team this upcoming year, and at the same time, we want to build something that is sustainable for a long period. Ownership would like to see something happen faster and I know my coaches and players want to see something faster. I’ve been in their positions and I get it, I want to see something faster too. But I have to protect us from doing something irrational from doing something that gets us a bit better. If it’s something that gets us to being a true championship contender faster, we’re all for it. As long as it’s a sustainable formula and not a one-year quick hit, sacrificing future assets,” Ainge explains.

Ainge added that he is excited for draft night and hopes that the player they pick could deliver the goods for them in the coming season. He had hoped for the Celtics to get the no.1 pick during the Lottery, but being at number three is also a privilege as they get to pick ahead of other teams after the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers.

“I’m excited about the No. 3 pick. I would have been excited that night if you had told me before the night started that’s the pick we were getting. For a minute, I let my mind drift to getting the one or two. It certainly doesn’t have the same cachet in trade conversations of trying to get better quicker, so it sets that back or we would have to give up more than the No. 1 or 2 overall pick,” he said. “But there are good players if we end up using that pick. We’re excited about the potential players.”

The future is bright for the Celtics are Ainge tries to bring back memories of the Celtics squad that took the 2008 championship and he is hoping that Bolomboy could be one of those pieces that would make up of the team’s future cornerstone.

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