NBA: Isaiah Thomas goes ‘all-in’ to convince Kevin Durant to sign with Celtics

NBA: Isaiah Thomas goes ‘all-in’ to convince Kevin Durant to sign with Celtics

Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas has reportedly stated that he will go “all-in” in convincing this year’s most sought-after free agent Kevin Durant to sign with them for next season. Thomas stated that just like other teams pursuing the Thunder All-Star, he will go and give everything that he has to make Durant reconsider his decision and be teammates with him.

According to Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe, Thomas explained that his convincing of Durant to take a second look at the Celtics as his alternative this summer does not end with a simple tweet, he stress that when he gets hold of Durant he will explain to him personally why choosing to play in Boston is one of the things that he should reconsider.

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“I definitely want to give him some time. I know that was a tough series and a long season for him. I wouldn’t want anyone calling me up about the biggest decision of my life right after the season’s over. So I’ll probably give him some time and casually talk to him, and then go all-in. I mean, do everything I can to get him to sign, somehow, someway, hopefully,” Thomas said.

Thomas even told Sirius XM NBA Radio from the NBA draft lottery in New York earlier this month as reported by ESPN that he will be very active in the recruitment for the Celtics this offseason. He added that Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge also told him to be more pro-active in recruiting guys to join them next season.

“I’m going to be really active [in recruiting]…[Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge] wants me to be active. Whatever he needs me to do, I’m there. All he says is, ‘When I call, answer.’ I’m going to be ready,” Thomas explained.

He stressed that the team just need some more pieces to make it a top contender franchise in the Eastern Conference. With the hope of getting Durant to their side, Thomas thinks it will further bolster their roster and their chances in the playoffs.

“We’re a step away. We’re a couple pieces away, I think, from being contenders in the Eastern Conference. We won 48 games this year with a team that people didn’t think could do that. That says a lot about the direction we’re going in, and I know Danny and those guys in the front office are going to do whatever they can to make this team the best possible team it can be,” Thomas said.

Though Thomas knows that his efforts will be a far pitch as Durant, is very much keen in re-signing with the Thunder for a maximum deal, perhaps Thomas is living the simple motto of “it won’t hurt if you try.” Pursuing Durant wouldn’t hurt the Celtics since they are armed with the third overall pick in the coming NBA Draft slated on June 23 in Brooklyn and Thomas knows that somehow they might snag a worthy player in draft and who knows somebody in the free agency market might hear his plea and would reconsider joining him next season…say like Jahlil Okafor.

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