NBA Rumors: Which 3 teams will Jeremy Lin meet with on July 1 besides the Hornets?

NBA Rumors: Which 3 teams will Jeremy Lin meet with on July 1 besides the Hornets?

Jeremy Lin officially opted out of his contract with the Charlotte Hornets last Thursday to become an unrestricted free agent for the second straight offseason. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Hornets will be joined by three other teams on July 1 as they meet with Lin and his representatives.

Chris Broussard of ESPN reported on Monday that the Hornets are worried that they will lose Lin this summer. They don’t own his Bird Rights and they also need to re-sign Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams. More importantly, there are three teams that will try to convince Lin to leave Charlotte.

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Broussard did not reveal the names of the three teams but JLin Portal speculates that they are the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Chicago Bulls. The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks could also be one of the three teams. Lin revealed at a charitable event in Shanghai last week that he will consider several factors in his decision.

For me, the most important thing is that I want to be happy. There are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the coaching staff, style of play, be a starter or not, whether the team is strong, and the city located. Most of all, I have to be very happy,” Lin said, as translated by Popo Chung.

The Nets are in a good position to sign Lin with head coach Kenny Anderson having a good relationship with him. They also have the money to offer him and most importantly, he will be the starting point guard for them.

It’s also the same scenario with the Sixers and Bulls, but he’ll have a better chance of winning in Chicago. On the other hand, the Rockets have Mike D’Antoni who unleashed “Linsanity” in New York in 2012 while the Mavericks possessed the one best tactician in basketball, Rick Carlisle.

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The meeting with the Hornets and three other teams will be held on July 1 at Lin’s hometown of Palo Alto, California. Where do you think will Jeremy Lin sign up with? Will he return to Charlotte? In Houston? Leave your comments below.

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  • waky wake

    @Johnny David; “Where do you think will Jeremy Lin sign up with?”:} Are you kidding with that question? This is soooooo much of a no-brainer for both the Nets and Lin, it’s silly for there to be any further speculation. Unless Atkinson, Marks and the entire Nets organization has lost their collective mind, this deal is done and all parties are simply waiting for July 1st, for the contract to be signed. Now, it is possible that Nets ownership could get stupid and force a pitiful contract offer, with no guarantee for the starting PG position, but I think that guy is pretty smart, so I don’t anticipate that happening. But if it does, Chicago is going to be in there like a shot. I keep hearing the Sixers being mentioned as a possibility, but I think that boat sailed when D’Antoni left for Houston, although I believe they have the best suited collection of player assets for Lin. I was really shocked when Philly didn’t snag a top prospect PG with one of their first round picks though. That might have been an attempt to reassure Lin, or some other FA PG that if they sign with Philly, they wouldn’t be viewed and treated as a stop-gap until some young stud rookie PG was ready to start. But if it was meant for Lin, I think they played themselves, because I believe a D’Antoni-less Sixers would not be appealing to Lin. Again, Chicago is intriguing, but I still feel this signing is set up for the Nets to give away, if they’re really that stupid. Four years, $9 to $12 mil per, with a guaranteed commitment to Lin as the starting PG for at least the first two seasons [in writing mind you] and there’s no way any other team gets looked at seriously by Lin and that still leaves Brooklyn with enough cap space to sign some perceived “superstar” to a max deal.