NBA Rumors: 76ers suggested hiring Elton Brand as an assistant coach?

NBA Rumors: 76ers suggested hiring Elton Brand as an assistant coach?

It is not clear if Elton Brand has retired or is looking for a new team to play for next season as he is an unrestricted free agent. Rumors are swirling that the Philadelphia 76ers are suggested to hire Brand as part of the team’s coaching staff.

The 76ers have a very tall order since they now offer an unbalanced roster with too many big men, which entails jacking for the position to get the quality minutes. To prevent this from happening, 76ers manager Bryan Colangelo has stated that they would be trading some of them to unload some headache to their coaching staff. Speaking of the coaching staff, the 76ers are also unbalanced in that department.

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76ers assistant coach Will Weaver left the team due to family matters while Sean Rooks tragically passed away. If the 76ers are hoping to get their roster on the right track coach Brett Brown needs all the help he can. Brown needs a helping hand who could mold their rookies to future NBA superstars and that is where Brand comes in.

The 37-year old Brand is a leader who could guide the young players and help them improve in and off the court. Though the idea of offering Brand a position of an assistant coach would be awkward, but the thought that he could stay in Philadelphia might sound sweet to his ears. Brand carries to the team his resume being a two-time NBA All-Star, a member of the All-NBA second team, a co-Rookie of the Year awardee and an NBA Sportsmanship awardee.

The 76ers roster could learn from him as well. Brand has already made some impact to some of the team’s players. According to Josh Wilson of, Brand came into the team as a “voice of reason.” He would encourage young guys on the team to stay cool, to keep out of trouble and to focus on the game.

“Brand even offered his car to Okafor during the winter so he wouldn’t have a reason to splurge cash on a winter vehicle for the Philly snow,” Wilson noted.

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Though it’s not clear what Brand’s plans for his future but it would be modest for the 76ers to offer him a job that would still involve him with the team. It would be shameful if the 76ers could not make use of what Brand has done for them off the court. His leadership and his mere presence would already make the difference.

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